Amole Gupte has made path-breaking films like Taare Zameen Par and Stanley Ka Dabba. His films not only tug at the heartstrings, but they also teach adults a thing or two in the process!

During a conversation with the CareerNinja team, Mr. Gupte spoke about everything from cinema to children. Here are 5 tips by Amole Gupte for aspiring film makers.

1. Don’t Let Rejection Crush Your Dreams

When Amole Gupte first went to the ‘Children’s Film Society India’ with his idea for Taare Zameen Par, it was refused. His concept was vetoed by the Chairperson – Sai Paranjpye. Movie director, Mrs. Paranjpye, had directed films like Sparsh, Chashme Baddoor and Katha. When he was rejected, he took more time to flesh out the concept of the film. He spent a few more years to get the script ready to go. And as we all know, Taare Zameen Par went on to become a blockbuster hit!

2. Making A Career Is Important. But So Is Pursuing Your Hobbies

Amole Gupte loves cinema but he took to painting for a decade in the middle of his career. He strongly believes that painting made him a better filmmaker. Mr. Gupte says, “When I was painting, I conducted workshops for children. In these workshops, I shared cinema, theater and art with young ones. I took on financially, physically as well as mentally challenged children and mapped their grouses and anguishes. Taare Zameen Par is based on the experiences of all these children.”

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3. It’s Okay To Follow Your Heart

Mr. Gupte was studying to become a Chartered Accountant before he decided to take a 180-degree turn. The moment he realized that cinema was his true calling, he opted out of his CA course and pursued acting and film making full-time. After all these years in the film making industry, there has never been a day when he’s got frustrated. He says, “I haven’t worked a single day in my life because I love what I do.”

4. You Don’t Always Have To Conform To Popular Demand

It is well-known that Mr. Gupte makes movies that revolve around education and children. Learning disability is a niche topic that has very few takers. He was aware about this. Yet he made films like Taare Zameen Par and Sniff on the topics he’s passionate about. He says, “There are several documentaries on learning disabilities. But nobody from the mainstream was getting attuned to the difficulties faced by these marginalized children. This is because a very small group watches these documentaries. I wanted to move beyond the community and address the nation.”

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5. Hope Is Key

Amole Gupte continues to be a positive person despite all the years he’s spent in showbiz. People who work in Bollwood tend to go bonkers. This is because it is loaded with power, money and politics. Mr. Gupte says, “I am always hopeful. I am not cynical about the world.” He says there are no downers in his journey, “You take downers in your stride as tomorrow is surely going be sunrise.”

This man is truly inspirational!


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