One person can make a difference and everyone should try it-  John Kennedy

We might try to ignore Chotu selling tea on the roadside tea stall and dismiss the little girl who begs at the signal. We all have been conditioned to believe that the plight of people in a country like ours will never change. “But what’s the solution anyway?”, I can almost hear this question echo in your mind. To understand better, let’s break down the meaning of change.

We all feel that change has to be something huge and revolutionary. No, stop your trail of thoughts right there. The most powerful weapon that we as youth have is the ability to bring about a change. It’s collective efforts which will improve this world, one step at a time. Here’s why we believe you should volunteer in an NGO at least once in your life.

  1. Meet new people!

Working with an NGO in a field that you’re passionate about will bring myriad experiences to learn from. You’ll meet like-minded people who are committed to bringing about a change in people’s lives. It’s the best way to interact with people from different walks of life. You’ll evolve as a person and what better way than to be helpful to others!

  1. Gain something money can’t buy

When you step into an NGO, the very first thing you’ll notice is, the number of people dedicated to a cause. You’ll realise that it brings a kind of happiness that money can’t buy. Such individuals nurture lives and put in their best, regardless of the money they receive. There are many instances where people from humble backgrounds have gone a step forward, built free schools and hospitals to do their bit for the world.

  1. Inspiration

Of course, you need inspiration for achieving all your dreams and goals, but volunteering will show you, what inspires you to live. I volunteered in a school for differently- able children and what I loved about them is, they smiled and greeted every stranger they came across. They lived their lives to the fullest, despite the restrictions they had. Seeing them smiling always, changed my perspective on life as a whole.

  1.  Help you be a better person!

Some of the most important lessons of life are taught outside schools/colleges. Being compassionate, empathetic, helpful and patient are qualities which are difficult to inculcate. Yet, volunteering will bring about this impact on your attitude and outlook.

  1. Personal Growth

Whether is twice or thrice a week, working in an NGO will help you utilise time in the most productive manner. Moreover, social work also plays a very crucial role in your CV. For universities both abroad and in India, students with a background in social work are preferred. These students receive scholarships and admission easily. Doing social work reflects that you care for the community.

Spare time or not, make sure you spend at least some time working with NGOs! It is an irreplaceable experience.

We’re doing our bit to change the world. And you?



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