The Group Discussion or the GD round of a recruitment process is very crucial as it not only tests your knowledge on the given topic, but also your confidence, patience, leadership, and teamwork qualities. Your performance at the GD is like a forecast of your performance in your professional life in the eyes of your potential employer.
So here are some tips which will help you stand out among the other members at the GD:

Compete, But Subtly

Agreed, that you are sitting for the GD because you want the job and the same applies for the whole group. But group discussions are not organised to check your competitiveness. They are to see how you behave and interact in a group. You do have to concentrate on being good yourself, but not by showing anyone down.


One thing common about all good speakers is that they listen. Only if you listen well can you respond well. Listen to what everyone has to say while preparing your arguments. This will make the discussion coherent and involve you positively.

Be Crystal Clear

The art of public speaking involves nothing but conveying your thoughts in such a manner that everyone comprehends just exactly what is going on in your mind. Follow the A.R.E. pattern for framing your arguments– Assertion, Reasoning, and Example.

Speak Clearly!

If you are absolutely clear in what you say, then it is easier to convince others. At the same time, be crisp and don’t bore people with your 7-minute long speeches. Time given to the group as a whole is limited, and everybody deserves a fair chance to speak.

Be A Leader

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you speak throughout the discussion or command others. To be a leader means to give everyone a fair opportunity, to motivate others to join the discussion and most importantly, to initiate.

A good leader takes others along with him instead of walking ahead of the others. For example, instead of speaking all the time, ask the least interactive speaker to give their opinions. Make sure that everybody is involved in the discussion and the points discussed are relevant.

The Winning Posture

Sit erect and make eye contact. This will convey your confidence and your interest in the discussion. Slouching, looking here and there or tapping your feet puts off the panel. It shows disinterest and lack of conviction. Do not cross your arms as it is a defensive position. Remember, you’re being judged through the course of the discussion.


If you read newspapers, magazines and books regularly, you will definitely have more to speak and even more to analyse. The topics are generally based on current affairs or popular opinions- reading the newspaper helps you stay updated. Reading fiction helps you think out of the box. The more you read, the more you know. The greater your knowledge, the better your points.

GDs are not as tough as they seem to be. Some general knowledge, a smidge of self-confidence, and respect for others’ opinions are all you need to slay it! Just be yourself, take a deep breath, and listen attentively.


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