Cyankart was started by Abhay and his best friend Varun, while they were still in school. Abhay’s brother, Aditya Bajaj, joined them, two months later. Abhay and Varun are both pursuing academics alongside. While Abhay is studying law, he leads Marketing and IT for Cyankart.

The founders saw a potential in the rising e-commerce industry before a lot of other people could. By combining a sense of fashion into the latest trends, they try to offer a wide range of products to the youth.

When they started Cyankart, they saw a major demand for fashion related products by the youth and there was no one-stop shop where people of that age group could shop online. So with little savings, they started selling EDM merchandise online. Slowly, increasing their range.

After 6 months, they saw huge potential in mobile phone cases. That was probably the rise of Cyankart. They were one of the first companies to enter the phone case market and it helped them in gaining a lot of traction. The founders attribute most of the success to their early start and hard working team.

Since he started CyanKart, Abhay started thinking about the kind of work he wanted to do. He knew he wanted to do something for himself. While he was in school and college, he realized that he could organize things, events or for that matter even people effectively and he liked doing that. Cyankart gave him both the things and then dots just joined.

While running a business, he faces obstacles or hurdles every day, everyone does. Abhay calls them roadblocks and says, “All you need to do is find your way around it.”


Abhay’s only advice is to try and gain as much experience in as many fields as you can until you find exactly what you are looking for. Keep trying and something will click. He believes that one should not be disappointed at roadblocks because there is always a way around.

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