School was fun, and college even better. Everyone loves a carefree, comfortable life. But here is the catch, comfort doesn’t bring learning, satisfaction or a sense of fulfilment. That comes with testing yourself, being productive and getting things done.

Before we give you some tips on how to be more productive, remember this. Motivation is temporary and it leaves the moment adversity shows up. Motivation is not your friend, it is that cute girl in your class who you like but won’t really be there for you. Discipline, on the other hand, is your best friend. When after 2 hours of studies, motivation bails on you, discipline will have your back, it’ll see you through and ensure you get more done.

With that in mind, here are some tips to be more productive:

1. Wake Up Early!

Waking up early morning can be difficult, sure. But what isn’t? You want to be productive, don’t you? Well enough sleeping for a lifetime.

Keep your alarm away and your jogging shoes close. Wake up early and you’re adding almost 3-4 hours in your day. How you use this time is up to you. Some like to work-out, others like to write or study. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll enter your day feeling confident.

wake up early for a run

2. Have A Purpose And  A Plan

This is essential. Why wake up early and run at 5am? Maybe because you are preparing for a marathon? Without a purpose, everything will seem pointless, you’ll just be roaming aimlessly on the path of life. Not a smart thing to do.

So plan. For a day, a week,  a month or a year. Whatever floats your boat. And know what you want, know the ‘Why’ for the work you put in. It’ll keep you on the right path.

3. Have Small Goals

Special Forces soldiers are made to go through hell in their selection process and are given one advice: ‘Live one task, one day at a time. It’ll be easier. The further ahead you see, the more you’d want to give up’

So have sub-goals for every major goal. Each goal you achieve will motivate you to go further. Your goal shouldn’t just be to ‘clear UPSC’, it has to include your work on a daily basis for eg. studying one extra hour every week.

4. Use Technology

Our generation gets a lot of criticism over our addiction to technology, be that as it may, that phone which has turned you into a lazy little ball can actually help you have a robot’s efficiency.

Uninstall stupid games and download productivity apps instead and stick to them. Everything from physical activity to exam preparations can be done with the help of these apps. Technology is our generation’s shot at greatness, use it.

5. Stop Making Excuses

Our generation tends to complain a lot. Be it the small battery life of their smartphone, or the bad hostel food. It’s okay to complain, it’s not okay to whine. Don’t look for excuses, don’t put the blame on others. Take responsibility for your life and get things done. It’s essential.

If you truly follow these extremely simple tips then you will for sure have a 2018 in which you will not just get way more work done but also achieve more of your goals.

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