M edia is a dynamic field that keeps evolving with time. The media course has a culmination of different subjects. Since it’s a course with various projects, it is essential to learn new skills to do well in them. Further, the media industry today demands professionals who have a broader knowledge and skill set. Also, with increasing competition, it becomes essential to learn and develop yourself. Therefore, doing these below courses will not just help you with the above but also open up many opportunities for you.

1) Video Editing

Video Editing

Most of your college projects will revolve around making short films. Learning how to edit videos is helpful because :

  1.    It is difficult to find editors for free
  2.    Crisp editing is crucial and enhances the quality of your short film and
  3.    It will save you a lot of time and energy.

Thanks to youtube, you can explore video editing at your fingertips. YouTube channels like  Cinecom, Justin Odisho, and The Film Look will definitely help you build on your video editing skills. These channels break down the complex methods into simpler bits. Different hacks into filming and editing are also explained. These channels will definitely spark your interest in editing.

2) Photography

You know you’re a media student when you realise that photography is a combination of art and physics. To excel at photography, you need to have a clear understanding of the interaction between the different elements of the camera. Photography involves elements which require a detailed study. Since the course exposes you to this interesting subject, wouldn’t it be great to know some tricks to click good pictures?

The website, Indian Institute of Photography offers online courses in photography. The different types of courses are:
-Online Beginners Photography Course ( 1 month)
-Online Foundation Photography Course (3 months)
-Online Mobile Phone Photography Course.

Theoretical and practical understanding of the subject is essential. The best part about doing this course is, you don’t need a DSLR. What are you waiting for?
Awaken the photographer in you!  Extra perks: An artsy Instagram account!

3) Creative Writing

The mass media course is all about- being open to learning new things. A course in creative writing will give you an insight into lateral thinking by helping you dwell deeper into your creative thoughts. It will also help you hone your creativity and bring out a unique way to get tasks done. Investing time in creative writing will help you channelise your imagination. Since media courses offer a platform to experiment, you should pursue a creative writing course. The Australian Writing’s Center offers online courses in different forms of writing.

4)  Digital Marketing

Marketing, especially in the digital space has gained momentum over the last few years. You’ll be given hands-on marketing projects in college, both on ground and online. It might seem like a simple task to market your product online, but it’s not. You’ll realise that it requires skills to build and engage an audience. Unfortunately, digital marketing as a subject is not touched upon in the field of media. At the same time, there is a huge surge in marketing related job opportunities. Google offers a free course in digital marketing which is simple to understand. For budding entrepreneurs, it’s the best marketing tool!

5) Graphic Designing

If you belong to the lot which wants to major in Advertising, you need to know graphic designing! In the final year, you will have tasks which will revolve around making ad campaigns. It will also include elements of a product such as posters, visiting cards, and print ads. Graphic Designing will also give you a fair idea of how you can implement different tools and work using them. Designing is simple and interesting once you ace the course. Udemy offers a graphic designing course which makes learning interesting. Let the creativity unfurl!

Mass Media is a challenging field, filled with new skills to grasp. Self-initiative and creativity are crucial for growth in the industry. Out of the box thinking is the crux and if you’re able to achieve that through these courses, then there’s no stopping you!


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