Everyone knows what’s photography! It’s the art of taking photos using digital equipment. And the professional who focuses on the art of taking photographs with a digital or film camera is a photographer. Photographs help us preserve history, capture moments that we treasure and portray our realities. Photographs evoke the essence of places we have not been, we perhaps will not return to, and should never forget.

However, it’s not that easy to become a photographer because it requires a certain set of skills, interests, personality, and exposure to become successful in this profession. That’s why we have put together this one-stop guide to photography wherein we have answered the most common questions that aspiring photographers may have on their mind.

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1. The Beginner’s Guide To Photography

The best part about making a career in photography is that you don’t need a degree!

Sure, it is great if you have one, but you don’t necessarily need a certificate to practice this profession. A quick conversation with a professional photographer will help you understand that experience and honing your skill will help you succeed better in this profession as compared to any degree or certificate.

Keeping this in mind, we’ve compiled a beginner’s guide on ‘how to become a professional photographer’ that you shouldn’t miss! Read this post to find out more!

2. Pros And Cons Of Photography As A Career

Pursuing arts as a career is a dream come true for most people. This is especially true for the youth of India who is encouraged to pursue either engineering or medicine right since the time they are in their mother’s womb! A career in fashion, journalism, and photography has been considered unstable up until now, but that thought process is gradually evolving.

It is sensible to research about a career before you choose to pursue it. What if you leave a stable career path behind only to pursue something that you might not enjoy in the future?

With that in mind, we’ve listed a few pros and cons of photography as a career.

3. The Future Of Photography In India

Before you choose to pursue any profession, you need to find out whether or not it has scope. After all, what’s the use of honing your skills and putting in months and years of hard work if the field you’re planning to pursue has no future?

With the boom of the fashion, media, and advertising industry, photography is turning from a hobby into a profession for a large section of the Indian youth. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at the future of photography in India!

Initially, it can be hard to make a living in this field. But if you’re willing to put in the hard work and be creative, photography can turn into a rewarding profession for you. Discover whether the future of photography in India is dim or bright.

4. 5 Common Misconceptions About Photographers

Just like any other profession in the world, photography is also shrouded in misconceptions. For instance, several people believe that photographers just point their camera to a beautiful thing, shoot, and collect their cheque. But that is far from the truth. From adjusting lighting to using the right lens, so many things go into clicking that perfect shot.

Here are a few common misconceptions people working as photographers constantly come across.

5. Should I Become A Photographer?

Talk to any professional photographer and he/she will tell you that practicing photography is more than just clicking pretty pictures. Sure, you own a DSLR or an iPhone 10. But having either or both won’t guarantee that you will have a successful career as a photographer. That’s just another myth associated with photographers. You need a certain set of knowledge and skills to be a successful professional photographer.

Have you always wondered ‘Should I become a photographer?’ Read this article to find out if your interests, personality, lifestyle, skills, and knowledge are suited for a career in photography.

6. How To Choose The Right Photography Niche For You?

If you’re inclined towards a career in photography but you don’t know which niche to pursue, you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing the right niche is very important as it will determine the course of your career. For instance, if you choose to pursue fashion photography when you’re actually interested in taking shots of animals, you will lose interest in photography faster than you think!

Here’s how you can determine the photography niche that is right for you!

7. 10 Types Of Photography We Bet You Didn’t Know!

Are you an aspiring photographer who doesn’t want to pursue the uber-competitive fields of fashion, wildlife, travel, or wedding photography? While these are the most popular types of photography, they’re also quite saturated and competitive and you’ll be going up against well-established photographers in each of these photography niches.

But don’t worry. If you’re an aspiring photographer who wants to break the mold and do something unique, this article is for you.

We’ve put together a list of 10 types of photography that we bet you didn’t know about.

8. 7 Top Photography Colleges In India

More and more students in India are keen to pursue a photography course. But, few are aware that there are several photography colleges in India. With the advent of digitization and social networking platforms, photography, as a profession, is gaining popularity in our country. Educationists are realizing this, which is why several institutes across our country are introducing a photography course.

We’ve put together a list of the top photography colleges in our nation. Read on and choose the best one for yourself!

9. 5 Top Free Online Photography Courses For You

We live in a day and age where learning a new skill is just a click of a mouse away. Whether you want to learn something as detailed as machine learning  and web development or something as artistic as photography, there are online courses all over the internet to cater to your different whims and fancies.

We’ve rounded up some of the best free online photography courses to help you learn the art. No matter what your skill level, we’ve got you covered! Read on and find a course that works best for you.

10. How To Land An Internship As A Photographer?

Just like an aspiring journalist intern with publication houses, budding photographers also need to intern with the big names in the industry to better understand their craft. It’s a tough world out there in this specific field. Considering the amount of competition that grows every year, doing a photography internship can get you on the right track.

This article is for amateur photographers who want a front-row seat into the process of making a career in photography. Here’s how you can land an internship with the bigwigs in the photography industry.


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