About Us

CareerNinja is a social venture. A platform that enables people to take control of their lives and helps them achieve their aspirations. With the help of content ranging from articles and short courses to videos we inspire, educate and guide youth across their academic, professional, personal and social lives to become more successful.

We will also be launching specialised courses focussed on different jobs that students can take to go one step beyond their college education and be more success ready in that domain.

Having spent years living through our Indian education system and literally hating most of it, we always believed that students deserve better. What we learn in college is ages old, taught in a rote-based manner and only focussed on getting us a job. Sadly it does not even do justice to that. At the same time, there is absolutely no focus on actually developing the individual.

It’s been a few years we have been out of college and the disappointment we felt yet lingers on inside us. Now while working across different industries we also noticed how there is such a huge gap between the kind of people organisations need and what students are being prepared for.

Seeing this we have decided to finally take up this cause and strive to create an education experience the youth truly needs and also loves.

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