College festivals are an escape from the monotony of everyday life and along with internships, they are the most opportunistic time for students to showcase their skills. Symphony is one such festival wherein you can take a peek into the Kaleidoscope Of Ages!

Here are eight reasons why you should visit Symphony 2018!

1. A Cultural Retreat

After Skream2018’s huge success, the tired souls need a retreat into the world of colourful musings. Hence, the theme for this year is as prismatic as a kaleidoscope. It’s truly a reflection of your visions turned into reality!

2. Intense Competition

Symphony experiences overwhelming participation in its competitive events, with talent and skill to match it. Owing to its good repute, these competitions are fiercely contested. These events are also as fun to spectate as they are to compete in.

3.The Decor

Insignia, the art team of KJSCE, have put their heart and soul into the decor to make the whole fest arena look vibrant! The decor is handcrafted with original ideas and hues. With a new theme every year.

4. The lost stories of music

Symphony, true to its name, has shades of music ingrained in its fibres. The magical duo of Lost Stories is coming to Symphony for EDM night to make everyone groove to their tune. Also, events like Verve, Battle Of Bands, The Somaiya Idol, Somaiya’s got talent, and Udghosh, have the magic of music. So you’ve got to tune into our Symphony.

5. Unlimited Enjoyment

If you’re a veteran, you know the three days of Symphony are the most fun part of being in Somaiya College. And if you’re a fresher, wait for the wave of enjoyment to wash over you.

6. Red-Bull Tour bus is here

It’s rare for the red bull bus to tour twice in the same city, but guess what, they are going to be in town! The Raghu Dixit Project, presented by Red Bull Tour Bus is raising the fervor of the whole 3-day long festival. This contemporary Indian folk band will definitely set the part-stage, part-bus on fire.

7. Sham Shandaar with Amit Trivedi

Yes, you heard it right. Amit Trivedi is coming to set the Symphony stage on fire with his amazing voice. This is a wonderful opportunity to witness one of the leading musicians in India and be entertained by him.

8. There’s Biswa Bro

And, enough of preaching. Let’s get to the point guys. Biswa Kalyan Rath, the Mast Aadmi is all set to bring smiles on everyone’s face. Accompanying him in his entertaining act will be Urooj Ashfaq for an opening act.

So with all of this happening, I hope you’re not making a mistake of missing this Symphony this 2018.


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