The wedding industry is one of the fastest growing industries because of which wedding planners have been around for a while. Even though the concept of professional bridesmaids originated in the West, it is soon catching up in urban India. If you work as a professional bridesmaid, you will not be doing a monotonous 9-to-5 job. Instead, you’ll be dealing with challenging, unpredictable, chaotic and fun situations each time while multitasking and running errands.

It’s true that several brides have their best friends and sisters take up this role. But, most people want to simply enjoy the wedding without taking up too much responsibility. This is where professional bridesmaids come into the picture. They allow close relatives to enjoy the wedding as much as the bride herself.

When asked how this career option made its way to India, Mr. Himanshu Kapsime, CEO at ShaadiSaga said, “Brides nowadays are always on the go with several things to handle at once. Most Indian parents do not prefer hiring wedding planners. This ultimately leads to the bride taking things in her hands and stressing over them. A professional bridesmaid runs the errands and does whatever the bride requires of her. This allows the bride to simply relax.”

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He adds, “Today, brides have to juggle their professional and personal life while preparing themselves emotionally and mentally for their wedding. Amidst all the wedding planning, emotional breakdowns are likely. This is why professional guidance is necessary so the bride can get through her wedding without losing her mind.”

As a professional bridesmaid, you will be required to be a style consultant i.e. advice the bride on fashion choices whenever she needs help. You will also need to think of sangeet songs and coordinate dance practices. You might also be requested to handle the bride’s Snapchat and Instagram account for a few days! In addition, you will need to have knowledge of relevant vendors and advice her on the best one depending upon her needs.

While the scope for this career is immense, most people still don’t know about it. Today quite a few wedding companies are looking to hire for this role. One way of educating the masses about this field is by giving them information on what the job is. Mr. Kapsime elaborates, “The job of a professional bridesmaid is to be a good personal assistant, problem solver, social director and handle the friends, family, relatives and social media of the bride.”

wedding planners, bridesmaids, professional bridesmaids
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What’s the best part about this profession? You don’t need certificates. You just need great peoples’ skills! He further says, “It’s a fun and creative job where you get to interact with a lot of different people. You also get to eat, dance and make merry almost all the time during the wedding festivities. It is extremely satisfying to help calm a bride and be by her side on the most important day of her life!”

When asked about the opportunities in this field, Mr. Kapsime explains, “It’s not difficult to find a job in this field. A hiring manager might look for young, committed graduates or postgraduates with good communication skills, a passion for weddings and an ability to keep calm under pressure. Sometimes you will also need to handle last-minute crisis and you’ll always need to be ready for unpredictable circumstances. Candidates with prior event experience will have an added bonus.”

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