Workplace politics is inevitable. With increase in competition, people strive to be the best. When people use politics to excel without harming others, it’s positive politics. But, if someone tries to denounce you at every step, to get ahead in the workplace, you are a victim of workplace politics. Being a victim of workplace politics can be stressful and hampers mental peace. Here are tactful ways of dealing with office politics.

  1. Share a strong bond with your coworkers

Having a support system is integral for facing any problem. To have a comfortable workplace, you need to have friendly relations. This will help  you work, despite being a victim of workplace politics. This will help you look at the brighter side to work.

  1. Keep updating your coworkers about your tasks

There could be times when someone else will try to take credit for the work you have done. In such cases, a documented proof of your work will always be handy. Apart from that, you can also keep your co-workers aware of the work you do. In that way, you will be able to stand up and speak about your work with enough backing and credibility. Bonus point, you may just get some unexpected help.

  1. Getting even is not the solution

Understanding that workplace politics is common will help you deal with it better. Although trying to get even with the bully seems like the most natural response, avoid it! Trying to take revenge will only make it worse.

  1. Continue your work with the same passion

Don’t let someone else ruin your quality of work. The bully’s goal is to disrupt your work. Working with the same amount of enthusiasm will deter them from causing problems to you. Once they understand that you’re invincible, the bully will give up. Don’t give up, instead show the bully how hard work can overpower everything.

In case you feel it’s getting out of hand, don’t hesitate to seek help. Report the matter to senior officials. In any case, do not suffer silently.

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