We often worry about the career possibilities of a person when a literature degree is added to his/her qualification. Especially when the qualification is a Master’s degree. 10 years ago if someone would’ve asked me what the career possibilities for people who have done their Master’s in Literature are, I’d picture that person turning into one of those struggling writers who run from publisher to publisher asking them to edit and publish the book/s. *shudders*. To be very honest, literature is MUCH MUCH more than that. Having been a literature student myself, I know how unconventional it can get according to the world. However, You all have way too many options as far as career possibilities are concerned. However, if you have any trouble, I am here for you.

I’d like to let you in on a little secret. A degree in literature teaches you how to learn, research, analyse, evaluate, read and then produce a ground study of that work. So basically, it’s a study of learning how to understand and then making others understand something. Doesn’t sound even a tad bit easy to me.  

There are so many career opportunities in today’s day and age and literature graduates are sought after in every corner of the world. Some of the career possibilities are:

Social Media

It could come off as a surprise to you but it’s true. Writing on social media also makes up for a big job as social media is the most booming thing right now that’s connecting millennials across the globe. Various bloggers like Santoshi Shetty or Larissa D’sa hire people to curate content based on their photos or their experiences. People often use social media as a platform to showcase their work and have accounts simply dedicated to writing and slowly and gradually it gets famous and they start getting offers from various publishers.

Career Possibilities In Literature? Don’t Worry, Words Have You Saved.

Travel Blogger

If I told you, you get to club your passion and your qualification to make it your career, how happy and ecstatic will you be? Travel writing is an upcoming thing. There are a lot of people out there who are always on their foot. They travel from places to places and jot down their experiences on their blog or whichever forum they choose. If you are successful, you get featured in various travel magazines including NatGeo. All you have to do is travel (your passion) and write about your experience (your qualification) and voila! Few brands, restaurants, hotels, places, etc ask you to freelance and try their services so that you write about it in your experiences and that’s how you get paid.


The most commonly assumed career possibility for any person who’s graduated in literature. Teaching is a very diverse field and not as easy as everyone assumes. As a holder of the master’s degree in literature, you could teach in schools and colleges. The subjects you could include are English, Literature or Creative Writing and even Humanities. It varies from institute to institute and also your area of expertise.

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Career Possibilities In Literature? Don’t Worry, Words Have You Saved.


One often comes across newspapers and several different forms of media that requires a person who’s well versed and has a knack for words. A career in journalism is a highly paid one. That said, You have got to be very good with your words in order to prove that ‘a pen is mightier than the sword’.


An Editor has to have a good command over his flow of words while also having an understanding of what the writer has to say and wants to say. The editor is responsible for moulding the articles and books, also magazines in a way that it’s relatable to the masses while also retains the meaning that the writer intended. Being one of the best career possibilities, Editors are in demand as they could find a place in wide range organizations where they’re required to scrutinize the works of the writer, publish content and do some writing themselves at times. It can be a very stressful job, to be honest.


In today’s commercial and a world where social media is the king, advertising plays a MAJOR role. Words deliver a big impact so you’ve got to indulge in some wordplay. hence it’s quite a necessity to have an impactful message given to the mass people through an advertisement that should be enough to talk about the thing that is being advertised. Advertisement is the biggest medium to sell anything. Hence it needs to be powerful enough to make a stand.

Language Interpreter 

The study of Languages holds a special place in academia as ‘language’ is the sole medium for fostering relationships between human beings. In today’s global world, one has to have a good command over the English language. One can become a professor in an institution or take up the position of an interpreter or a translator.

Career Possibilities In Literature? Don’t Worry, Words Have You Saved.

Freelance Writer

A freelance writer takes up projects according to his accord, also as and when they come. You’re not tied up to any 9-5 job in which you have to fulfil certain criteria. It’s according to one’s convenience. However, once taken up a project, you have to meet the deadlines. You can take up various projects depending on your forte and your field of expertise. Nowadays, everyone is opting for freelancing as it is the most convenient career possibility in today’s time.

Hence, these are the major career possibilities in Literature that are prestigious and well-paid. Now that you’re breathing a tad bit easier, it’s time you make your resume and start applying for any of these aforementioned positions. You have a very beautiful degree in your hand. Don’t let people underestimate its power.

Career Possibilities In Literature? Don’t Worry, Words Have You Saved.

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