The festival of lights is back in all its glory, and I’m sure you can’t wait to celebrate it with your loved ones! It’s that time of the year when diyas and crackers are lit to show the ushering of light in people’s lives. While most of us celebrate Diwali in traditional ways, some others are going a step forward. Rekindling the light of empowerment, here are NGO’s who understand the essence of what this festival celebrates.

  1. Make(ing) A Difference

Started by six friends in the year 2006, the NGO stemmed from a simple idea. Jithin Nedumala and Sujith Varkey’s had visited an orphanage and they realised that the need of the hour was to educate children. Since then, the NGO has been functioning with a well-connected network of volunteers. Impacting over 3,000 children, MAD not only focuses on educating children but also works towards a holistic development. If you wish to volunteer with them, here’s how you can!

  1. Video Volunteers

Integrating a unique medium to make people aware was the brainchild of video volunteers. Jessica Mayberry and Stalin K  work towards empowering women whose voices have been unheard. Using media as a tool of change, the women they provide support to have grown into stronger personalities. Women learn to not only report but also undertake campaigns to spark change. Browse through their website to witness the countless issues which women have championed.

  1. Smile (You will, once you read about their work)

Started in the year 2002 by a group of young professionals, Smile looks after the welfare of the people. “Smile on wheels” is an initiative to make healthcare accessible to people in rural areas. Apart from that, they also provide disaster- relief.  They also empower women and children through the medium of education. The motto of the NGO is to foster sustainable growth and development at the grassroots levels. Working towards providing employment opportunities to the youth, the NGO has been a platform for change.

  1. Digital Empowerment Foundation

When technology was in its budding stages in the year 2002,  digital empowerment foundation took shape. Understanding the power of technology, the NGO was set up to empower people in rural areas. Digital Empowerment foundation set up digital literacy campaigns. These campaigns encourage people to adapt to the digital way of learning. Digital Empowerment foundation also looks at the brighter side of technology to empower women from all walks of life. Know more about the kind of work they undertake, here.

It’s never too late to enlighten lives of people and bring about a small change. So this Diwali, ignite the light of knowledge. I will definitely begin my Diwali with a social cause. And you?


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