There are often times when our work really gets to us and we can’t but wait to take a holiday to get away from it all. And the first question that comes into our minds then is, “Where do I go?”. Well, you need not look far for that. India is one of the most diverse and spellbinding countries in the entire world! I have travelled to more than 17 countries in the last 12 years but no country beats the diversity that India possesses. That’s the truth! I have travelled to 19 states across India and each and every state here was a completely different and unique story to live.

India is definitely a travellers paradise. And while you go about exploring our amazing country, here are some pro-tips you should totally follow to ensure a really memorable backpacking experience:

    1. Try Street Food

      Every city in India has its own street food speciality. The diversity of this country allows you to experience cuisines that change every state you visit. Street food is economical which is pocket-friendly during a backpacking trip. Nom Nom Nom. Fact Alert! – For hygiene reasons, read reviews online before you venture out on a street food trail. You don’t want an upset tummy. 

    1. Show Respect
      India is a secular country rich in culture and religion.
      Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism are major religions followed here. Make sure you dress well when visiting a place of worship and keep the display of affection private. You don’t want to be harassed by anti-Romeo squads

    1. Keep Yourself Safe
      India is quite infamous for notorious crimes. Even though it isn’t as bad as the media hype portrays it, it’s always better to be careful. Make sure that you are in constant touch with someone back home and do not interact with random strangers anywhere. If you feel you are in trouble, shout out loud and call 100 to reach out to the police.
    1. Use Public Transport
      Using public transportation in India can end up being upto 60-90% cheaper than private transportation. Fact Alert! Local train fare in Mumbai, India start at INR 5 or $0.08 only
    1. Try Local Experiences

      Companies like Awestrich offer unique experiences curated by locals. They are inexpensive and can help you explore non-touristy places which you wouldn’t find in guidebooks with like-minded locals. Definitely worth a try!

    1. Lookout for Festivals
      India is a land of unity. Home to more than 75 festivals, the country is always up for celebrations! Check out the festival calendar before you plan your trip. There are some festivals you can just not miss.
  1. Hostels > Hotels
    India is now opening up to a lot of backpackers and now home to some 
    awesome hostel chains in Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur & Varanasi where you can enjoy a dorm stay for less than INR 250 or $4 a night. A steal deal, right?

India is a beautiful country. Every time I am backpacking within India, the people make me feel like I am one of them. Travel with love, passion and happiness. I promise this country won’t disappoint. I hope you have an amazing backpacking trip.

You can feel free to reach out to me in case of any queries.



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