As students, we’ve all come to a crossroad when it comes to making decisions about our future. Taking a gap year is one such decision that several students struggle with. Most parents worry that a gap year in their child’s life will lead to them missing out on various opportunities. However, if done for the right reasons, a gap year can do more good than harm to a student’s life. Here are a few ways in which you can convince your parents to let you take a year off.

Communicate with your parents

Half your problems will get solved if you sit down with your parents and make them understand that taking a gap year won’t be all that bad. A gap year can actually be a productive option if you want to discover yourself and be sure about your future aspirations. But while you’re at it, you also need to listen to your parents, their hopes and fears. This is necessary because only then will you be able to understand what’s really bothering them and calm their fears.

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Give relevant examples

Give examples of peers and friends who have taken a gap year and succeeded. Don’t just include people who have taken the year off to prepare for competitive exams. Instead, include more of those students who took a gap year to discover themselves, their likes and dislikes. This way your parents will understand that you’re not being irrational and that it may actually be beneficial since so many others are doing it.

Lay out your plan

What our parents need most is assurance. Assurance that somehow you won’t end up spoiling your future or wasting their resources. Tell them explicitly what your objectives are for your gap year and what you hope to get out of it. If you make your parents aware of your plans, they will feel more confident in this idea and will therefore let you go ahead with it.

Be firm 

Most Indian parents believe that just because they are older than you, they are more suited to make better decisions about your life. But don’t start doubting yourself just yet. If you believe in your reasons for taking a year off, stand by your decision. Give your parents some time to wrap their heads around this new development. Be patient and they’ll eventually come around.

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A gap year shouldn’t be treated as a taboo. But like every decision you make with regards to your life, this one too shall become your responsibility. Do not take a gap year just because you want to relax or take a break from studies. That is not the point of a gap year. Instead, it is so that you can develop a better understanding of what you want to do with your life, so treat it correctly and you’ll get more out of it than you imagined.

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