Skream enters its fifth edition, and there’s all the more reason to be excited, or not? Well, if someone was planning to skip the glorious 5 days of an extravaganza, then maybe he or she is just about right! So, here are the 5 reasons for not attending Skream 2018:

1) Top Sports Festival in India

Since its inception 5 years ago, Skream has grown every year, and today it has created a niche for itself amongst the best sports festivals of India. With participation from across the nation, Skream is a breeding ground for all the budding sportspersons. This isn’t a substantial reason that calls for a visit, does it?

2) Fierce competition

Skream witnesses participation from all across India and it has always brought out the best in these athletes. Close encounters, tight finishes, and display of ultimate talent is a common sight at Skream. This has ensured that the revered festival witnesses a footfall of over 8000. Now, that’s not what one was looking for in a sports festival.

3) Lucrative rewards

Skream was started with a sole vision of providing a platform for upcoming athletes to showcase their skills and to allow their talent to take centre stage. With total prizes worth over 5 lakhs, there isn’t much worth fighting for, is there?

4) Springboard to success

Let’s talk about Mumbai City FC associating for Rink Football and many more sporting organizations who are paying a visit this year. That makes Skream a golden opportunity to catch the eye of the scouts! Also, the laurels involved with winning can do a world of good for aspiring sportspersons! Surely, that’s a good cause to skip Skream 2018!

5) State of the art sporting arenas

The 65-acre campus of Somaiya Vidyavihar is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. The campus is home to a world-class football ground, athletic track, synthetic turf, tennis courts, badminton courts- the list goes on. Ask the U-17 football team of New Zealand, who practiced for the U-17 World Cup here, and they will tell you a thing or two!

But maybe after reading this you’d yet like to attend. In that case what are you waiting for. We’ll see you here!


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