New year, New me” sounds cliché but I’m sure most of us put up our “ways to improve yourself” lists for the next year. New year signifies new beginnings, and that’s what makes it so special for everyone! But, if you feel that you tend to lose grip of your resolutions right through the first week of the year, and want to continue to stick to it, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure that you stick to your new year resolutions!

  1. Make a list of the things you want to change this year

Striving to become a better version of yourself isn’t an overnight change. However, making a list of it will help you reflect on the goals on a realistic level. Many studies show that writing down your goals will actually help you achieve those, as opposed to just mentally making a list of it! Bring out all that stationary you have been hoarding, it’s the best time to use it now!

  1. Tell your close family and friends about it

For some of us who are not always self motivated, a little push is all we need to achieve our goals. Talk about your goals to close family and friends. This works wonders because everytime you feel like giving up, you’ll always have people who will motivate you to get back on track!

  1. Resilience

If you can imbibe this one quality, there’s no stopping you. Being persistent with goals and wanting to achieve them irrespective of the challenges you might have to face will definitely make you a champion at life! To stay focused, reward yourself for every small accomplishment you make. You can also make time tables and to-do lists to ensure that you regularly devote time to self-improvement. An old school method, my parents had suggested me to maintain a diary of the things I want to accomplish when I wake up and go back to it and see how much I have accomplished by the end of the day. Trust me, it’s probably one of the best methods to keep a reality check on the day to day accomplishments. We promise you that this way, you’ll definitely be on track with your resolutions!

  1. A jar of joy

We all have ups and downs and there are times when we feel upset. One way to get over the sad times positively is maintain a jar of achievements! All you need a glass jar and coloured sheets. Every time you think you have done something significant in your life (could be as simple as helping someone cross the road) write it down and add it to the jar. The next time you feel upset, open the jar and read all the chits. I’m sure, you’ll be glad of the small things that you will have achieved!

  1.  Concentrate on one goal at a time

When there are multiple goals to achieve, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of managing all of them. Not being able to keep a track of those can frustrate you and can eventually lead to stress. Its best to deal with your resolutions, one at a time so that the you can concentrate on each. The idea behind resolutions is to bring out the best in you, not the stress! Ensure that you also have a perfect balance between work and leisure!

Embrace what 2018 has to offer and we’re sure, you’ll be the best version of yourself by the end of it!

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