“What makes you different from the rest?” is one question in your professional life you’ll be inevitably running into a million times. But how does one actually stand out? What is it that you need in order to be the best?

The answer is knowledge & experience.

If you have the aptitude for building, planning and giving structure to the built environment, and want to pursue your career in those lines, you should know that your skills and knowledge are two massive factors that will determine your level of success. Well, knowledge is something that you might be able to take care of, but what about the skills required to put all that knowledge to good use? How do you develop these skills?

If you’re about to or have already wrapped up your undergrad or postgrad, and are inclined towards the fields of architecture, environmental planning, civil engineering or social sciences, there’s an extremely cool opportunity around the corner for you to upgrade your skills and bring them to a whole new level. (Psst, if you fit the type but have started working somewhere and aren’t quite happy with it, keep reading on too)

Anant National University, India’s first design university, offers a fellowship program which is considered to be one of the best in our country for students interested in the built environment. It’s a 1-year program where you are introduced to a specific set of skills that are designed for you to develop a stronger understanding of the built environment and a higher sense of empathy. The university has created a lot of buzz for its innovative teaching style and also for its All-Star faculty.

If upgrading your skills and getting some mind-blowing experience in this field is something you want, you’re at the right place.

Here are some reasons to explain why the fellowship program should be the next step forward for you:

Faculty & Infrastructure

Picture Courtesy: Anant National University

Learning is the key to success; there’s no doubt about that, and the faculty is what it comes down to for some quality guidance.

The fellowship program comes with a very strong faculty that consists of leaders, practitioners and scholars from all over the world to deliver some world-class guidance. You can expect names like Michel Danino (Padma Shri Awardee) and Dr. Steffen Lehmann (Professor, University of Portsmouth) to lecture you and share their knowledge with you. It would be fair to say that the program creates an environment for you to absorb a good amount of knowledge which will surely benefit you in the longer run. Also, with such relevant personalities around you, you have everything you need to build a strong network for yourself.

Another thing that plays an important role is the infrastructure. Every student needs comfort & convenience by their side and it’s important to have a good time in college. The institute has been praised by the previous batches for its infrastructure as it provides all the necessary tools required for you to ease in comfortably (We also got some inside info that the food at the hostel mess is quite tasty). So to sum it up, the campus is dope with a modern built and has an awesome cook, and to make things even better, the campus supports an eco-friendly environment.

Hands-On Experience

A cool thing about the fellowship program is that you don’t have to worry about drowning in your textbooks throughout the year. The program pushes you to step out and gather some practical experience; it examines your capability to deal with real life situations.

A phase of the fellowship program called the Live Action Project requires you to execute your skills practically, which will further help you become more empathetic with your approach and broaden your vision. During your time at the institute, you will be tested in diverse situations and will be expected to address them using your learnings. It’s like studying and interning at the same time.

Throughout the fellowship, you’ll be connecting with the local bodies and community stakeholders, which is an opportunity for you to develop a stronger understanding of yourself and others. The experience you get when you’re interacting with people, understanding their needs and at the same time maintaining a sustainable environment cannot be found in the pages of your textbook.


After all the hard work and long hours, every student wants to make sure that it has all been worth it. The placement cell of an institute and its ability to loop in good companies is something that every student is concerned about.

Anant National University has been praised immensely for its strong ties and success rate with campus placements.

Number of Students: 36

Number of companies: 32

Number of offers made: 30

Here’s a list of some recruiters that participated last year:

●      Piramal Foundation

●      Lodha

●      INTACH

●      Teach For India

●      QCI

Average CTC: 5.47 Lakhs per annum

Highest CTC:  9 Lakhs per annum

Some of the job roles that were offered:

●      Senior Architect

●      Visual Designer

●      Associate, Project Planning & Implementation

●      Marketing & Communications Manager

●      Manager, Student Services


Picture Courtesy: NYSenate

What’s better than pursuing a unique fellowship program from India’s first design university? Doing it with a scholarship! The fellowship program costs Rs. 10,00,000 per annum, but the good news is that Anant National University is providing 80%-100% scholarship to all students admitted to the fellowship program. This surely is a good opportunity to get some quality education in India for the first time without having to worry about a massive student loan.

Seed Funding For Your Start-Up

Landing a big job during your placements is great, but getting seed funding for your startup idea is taking it to a whole new level. The university provides seed funding to the top 3 start-up ideas in the field of built environment, an opportunity that not many institutes in the world bring to the table. If you have an innovative idea backing you up, you might not have to worry about campus placements at all.

Pursuing this fellowship will not only upgrade your skill set but by the end of it, your ideas will have a voice, and your vision will be taken into consideration for a bigger purpose.

If this is course interests you and you’d like to explore this option more, fill in the form given below and we’ll help you sign up for Anant National University’s Fellowship Program right now!


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