Couldn’t get enough sleep? Who ever does! But you can’t sleep away in your classes and that’s why we have come up with ways to keep you awake:

1) Eat and drink right:

College life = young people = eat whatever, who cares. No. Doesn’t work that way.

If I suggest coffee, you’d probably immediately close this page. So instead of what keeps you awake, let’s talk about what would provide so much energy that you don’t sleep at all. And that would be breakfast! Try to aim for a breakfast that has good carbs, fiber, and protein. Also, green tea and soy milk provide high energy.

Moving on to water. Taking tiny sips of cold water will wake you up and help you feel more refreshed. Eventually, if you drink enough, you will probably have to go to the bathroom and that will help keep you awake.

Eat healthy to stay awake
Eat healthy
2) Take a COLD shower:

This might sound painful so brace yourselves. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you do and take *drum roll* A COLD SHOWER. There. Sure fire way to keep you awake.

3) Hold your breath:

Every time that you feel your eyelids getting heavy hold your breath and count for as long as you can. You will become restless and more wakeful while you hold your breath. When you start breathing again, you’ll feel relieved and awake.

4) Take a walk around:

Sitting in one place for too long can lead to fatigue. Sitting still though can convince your body it’s time for sleep. To reverse tiredness here, simply get up and move about. Read the bulletin boards that you never do or take a short walk around.

5) Socialize:

Here the timing may not be perfect but you cannot let sleep win. So talk to the people around (just don’t disturb them.) Even better, ask your friend to wake you up every time you accidentally doze off. Though, a true friend will only wake you up when you’re about to get in trouble.

6) Sit on the first bench:

Sitting in the front is helpful because you will be terrified to fall asleep with your professor close enough to notice you. If you’re still afraid that you might take a 20 second nap, make notes. Then you could also ask doubts. And this is how staying awake will lead you to straight A’s.

PS: If you don’t love what you are learning about, review your decisions.

7) Keep yourself busy:

Fiddle around with your pencil. Doodle. Draw. Drum your fingers. Tap your feet. Even those slightest movements will help you stay awake until the end of the class.

8) Eat something during class:

Still nodding off? Pop a chewing gum. Eat some mints (The scent of peppermint wakes up the body and brain). Have some nuts or breakfast cereal. Whatever you choose, it definitely won’t let you fall asleep in class.



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