While our generation spends significant time, effort and money into micro-managing every single aspect of their life, from work to the grocery list, it has become essential to give the same treatment to the large number of friends we make over the years. Many of us do not believe in managing personal relations but subconsciously we all make efforts.

There was a time when a letter or a phone call was enough to express your love and affection towards someone. But in this new age of media, these have been replaced by tags, posts, and hashtags. Social media platforms are indeed a double-edged sword, helping reconnect long lost friends and overcoming distance. But simultaneously tainting friendships with pretence and the need for validation.

Communication is the main key to maintain and manage friendships. Here are few ways to help you do the same:

Prioritizing Friends:

One should always split their friends into different categories. While this might sound absurd and cruel, we all have unintentionally done that at some point when we prioritize or prefer someone over others The different groups that one can make are-

  1. Close friends – these are the ones you keep in regular touch with about your life and feelings and feel comfortable around. These friends know you well enough to stick with you and support you through ups and downs.
  2. Social friends – these are friends with whom you socialize and wish to uphold a certain image. You prefer keeping your private matters off-limits and keep the parameters of these friendships to social networking only.
  3. Distant friends –some friends who were once an integral part of your social group and with whom you shared a close personal friendship often move away through the course of your life. Yet both of you consciously keep in touch and value each others’ presence in your lives. These friends are the gems you need to preserve for a lifetime.
Initiate monthly activities:

Making plans and interacting on monthly basis by orchestrating fun activities ensures that you stay connected and look forward to meeting each other. Going out for charity and social work on weekends or going for a good dinner or maybe even something that has been on your bucket list for a while. Taking out time for your friends from your busy schedules will always result in stronger and healthier relationships.

Social Media Management:

Social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. has completely revolutionized the way we connect with our loved ones. Managing friends on social media is as important as managing them in real life.

Creating friend groups on Whatsapp for people in different spheres of your life such as school friends, college friends or neighbourhood friends helps in remaining connected with them. Also this way they are just a message away if you need them. Frequently updating them with your life and regular interactions can help you maintain these relations. Video conferencing is the most effective way to connect with your friends living across the globe.

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Social media management
A sense of deeper understanding:

Most friendships are built on the pillar of understanding. One should always empathize with one’s friends during tough times. Friends can be a great source of comfort and solace. A friend who listens and comforts your wounded heart can sometimes be all that you need. You should be mature enough to realize that less communication doesn’t necessarily mean that the bond is any less stronger.

Going for morning walks or getting wet in the rain are just little ways and gestures to maintain long lasting friendships. Understanding your friends is just as important as understanding yourself. Value the few cherished friends you make and remember, quality always takes precedence over quantity.



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