The countdown for CAT 2018 has begun! Your performance in the CAT entrance exam will decide whether you get into your desired B-school or not. So, it is extremely crucial that you ace CAT 2018 and beat your competition! But how do you plan to do that? If you’re one of those who is into studying last minute, this article is just for you!

Step 1: Tackle the basics

If you are yet to launch yourself head-on into preparing for CAT 2018, we suggest you start from the basics. For mathematical equations and formulas, begin with NCERT math solutions or a 10th-grade textbook. You must keep in mind that management schools look at how well a candidate can comprehend basic concepts. Just like a building cannot stand firm without a strong foundation, if your fundamentals are weak, you are going to face many long-term problems. You might be tempted to try your hand at tougher problems to see how much you know, but don’t do that. If you don’t fare well, you will just disappoint yourself. Start by focusing on understanding and revising the basics. Doing this will help you recollect concepts pushed to the farthest corners of your mind.

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Step 2: Attempt mock tests

With only a few days/weeks remaining for D-day, attempting to jam in new concepts and formulas will only do more harm than good. One of the most important components of last- minute CAT preparations is mock tests. There are ample of mock tests available online with analytical options. It is advised to take at least 30-40 mock tests before appearing for the final CAT entrance exam. Along with the mock tests, attempt past years’ CAT exam papers. Find out your strengths and see where you are making mistakes. Find out ‘why’ you are making mistakes and work towards rectifying them. Do not get disheartened if you score less in the mock tests. They are just a stepping stone to the final exam.

Step 3: Study smart

Studying last minute forces you to leave out certain portions of the syllabus. Now that you have successfully solved a certain amount of mock tests, you must have realised the areas which you can solve with relative ease. Mark them out and concentrate on them. You don’t want to make any wild guesses where negative marking is concerned. Be sure of your answers and the steps leading to those answers.

Another mantra that you need to follow is ‘more time, more weightage’. In the CAT entrance exam pattern, certain sections have more weightage. Allocate more time to them. If you have any doubts while studying, you can refer to online tutors. They are available throughout the day and they will help you clear your doubts quickly.

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Step 4: Revise and strategise for CAT 2018

Whether you’re studying last minute or you’ve prepared beforehand, revision always plays an important role. It is crucial that you remember the formulae like the back of your hand. Make sure you revise all the quant formulae and you can recall them immediately. Revising the basic charts and tables will help you stay ahead of the game. Reading every day for a minimum of 2 hours will help you in expanding your vocabulary and attempting the reading comprehension section with ease.

Form a strategy as to how you will spend the last few weeks leading up to the exam. Fix the time duration as to how much you will study every day. 6-7 hours of studying is recommended every day. Divide your subjects and spread them out. Do not attempt to revise everything in a day. Give yourself breaks and do not give in to last minute panic.

Step 5: Map Your Speed and Accuracy

Your performance in CAT 2018 is dependent on what you have prepared and how well you know the topics you consider to be your strength. Remember that speed and accuracy are more important than the questions you attempt. Here’s how you can time the test better-

    • Verbal – 8 minutes maximum for reading a passage. 1.5 minutes to answer each question based on that passage
    • Logic – 6-8 minutes for a set of 4 questions
    • Data interpretation – 6-8 minutes for a set of 4 questions
  • Quant – 2 minutes per question
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Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to ace CAT 2018! If you still feel that your CAT preparation is incomplete, do not lose hope. Even if you don’t score well, you will be able to evaluate your potential. Based on this, you can always give the CAT entrance exam again.

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