Karan Sawhney started playing football at the tender age of just seven! He started off with baby steps, playing at the inter-school level at first. Through that, he advanced further and got selected to play at the National level when he was just thirteen years old and that’s when he made the decision to take football up, professionally. Although, he had always wanted to be a cricketer at first.

He played nationals in all the sectioned age groups and was also the team captain for state-level football. At the age of sixteen, he triumphantly got chosen by the Tata Football Academy (TFA), where he spent the next 4 years of his life. He was all set to leave the comforts of his home and the idea of having a regular fun college life at that age.

He further went onto successfully play for Salgaocar FC, DSK FC, Bengaluru FC and Mumbai FC in the Indian League. Recently, he managed to score a contract with the Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League!

Karan faced his fair share of hardships and it was difficult to stay away from family but his love for the game made him do it. He strongly believes that hard-work, perseverance, and dedication are key for these are the values that truly helped him get to where he is today! Along with that, his major success habit was to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Karan had always been a huge fan of Beckham and now Ronaldo. He always wanted to grow up and be like them and that inspired him to pursue professional football and take it forward!

Life always has its ups and downs as we all know! A major obstacle that Karan faced was when he had ruptured his ACL in his right knee. That led him to be out of action for 9 long months! He knew it wouldn’t be easy to come back, be the same and play just as well, but he worked really hard, day in and day out to come back not the same, but stronger.

Karan realizes that success and failure are a part of any sport. He feels that you need to deal with both very often, but being mentally tough and positive is what keeps a person going. One of his most proud moments was when he scored the winning goal for Mumbai in the extra time against CBFC and also when he was selected for Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League.

Karan, now has his eyes set on playing for the Indian National Team and with his kind of dedication, hard-work, and determination, we are positive of his success!

Karan urges the Indian youth to follow their dreams and passions. He believes that if you do what you love, you won’t feel like you are working and success will definitely be a part of your journey!


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