If you’re among the one’s who isn’t keen on going abroad don’t worry, I feel you! While most of my friends are in a frenzy of deciding the best colleges to study abroad in I am sitting put here, writing this for you. Here are some cons of going abroad to study which others often overlook (But we don’t!)

And if you have decided to head overseas for your education, these just may be good points for you to keep in mind and prepare yourself.

  1. Feeling Homesick and Lonely

Of course when you visit a new country, you will make new friends, however, it takes a while to establish a bond with people. And even then it won’t be the same as family. While you’re grappling with the new environment like a fish out of the water, it’s very natural for you to feel homesick. There are some people who even come back because they find it too overwhelming. For extroverts, the process of opening up will be a tad bit easier. However, if you’re an introvert and are worried about opening up to people, here’s how you can!

Pro Tip: Always start university in Summer. Winter is more dull and it is tougher to go out and meet new people as everyone is indoors.  

  1. Khane mein kya hai?

Living abroad comes with it’s own set of challenges, especially in terms of food habits. You either adapt to the eating culture of your host country or learn to cook. While some of you might enjoy the process of cooking, there are still days when you feel tired or would rather order a takeaway. (Yes, your mom was always right about taking her for granted). It gets a little more challenging for vegetarians because most countries predominantly have non-veg as their staple food. It is getting easier with the spread of Veganism but yet for many it is difficult to imagine, not being able to have your ghar ka khana for days together! Also, the frequent eating out does often lead to weight gain/poor nutrition.

  1. Groupism

Studying or working with a group abroad could be challenging if there is a lot of groupism. Groupism refers to people of a particular country/culture who form a group and are wry about people from other countries being a part of their group. Although this has significantly decreased overtime, the thought of not being able to gel with a group still makes many nervous. Well, there’s nothing to worry, there are a lot of ways you can deal with situations like these! Indian’s also often fall at the receiving end of racism and that truly doesn’t feel good. However, there is a silver lining here as most universities have a good number of Indians there and you will end up forming a group with them (groupism again though).

  1. Expensive

If money is a constraint for you, it’s always the best option to study in India! Right from the application process (Countries like USA charge 50-200$ per application) to booking flight tickets, and also keeping in mind the accommodation and tuition fees, the list of expenses is endless! For instance, if you do your masters in a country like UK, tuition fees cost around 15-20 lakhs. A one way ticket will cost you around 60-70 thousand. Along with the rent and the daily expenses, the expenditure shoots up. In India, you can study in some of  a the best universities in half the money that you would put in for foreign expenses.You’ll also be surprised to see the number of fellowships available in our country. If you’re thinking that scholarships are the answer to study abroad, the sad reality is that it’s highly competitive and m covers only half of your educational expenses! (Of course, it’s great if you do get a fully funded scholarship!) In loan may be a little risky because :

    • Employment opportunities are unpredictable
    • the kind of pay packages one will be offered is unknown
  • It may get difficult to pay it off during the stated period and makes it difficult to save money for anything else, even once you get a job!

Here are some more reasons why it’s risky to take a student loan.

  1. You can be independent in India too!

Of course the need to stay alone and having your own life without the interference of your parents could also be a reason for going abroad. However, most of us would over splurge and would want to lead a life on our own terms, making us victims of reckless decisions! If becoming independent is your main goal, you can start with contributing to your family in small ways. Maybe take up up the responsibility of paying your own bills and contributing to the grocery budget. If not a major step, it’s definitely the first step to being independent.

  1. Aacha education sirf bahar milta hai!

No no, trust me when I say this that you do get good education in India as well! Many colleges in the country have collaborated with universities abroad to give students an overview of the study pattern followed abroad. In addition to that, many foreign universities are also setting up their campuses in India to give students an experience of foreign education. Although it’s expensive studying in such colleges (i.e. the fees) most other expenses will definitely be lesser than studying abroad!

Don’t fret if you’re not in the race of going abroad. It may just be a smart move. You can always look for opportunities and map your way to success by studying in India!

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