Ever wondered why people put in extra effort to be friendly with their boss? Well, so did I. People want to be friendly with their bosses to establish a feeling of comfort in office. Favouritism and seeking promotions are another reason people tend to be friendly with their boss. Some people try to be friendly by burning a hole in their pocket (those expensive lunches and dinner they took their bosses too). But, instead here are some simple (and free) ways that will help you be friendly with your boss!

  1. Greetings are important!

Every time you walk past your boss, greet him. A smile or wishes of the day shows that you acknowledge his presence. It might seem trivial, but greeting your boss will immediately put you in the list of well-mannered employees. Who wouldn’t like to be in the good books of the boss?

  1. “Can I assist you in anything?”

Being helpful to your boss will be integral to establish friendliness. It could be as simple as fetching a file from elsewhere or asking about their health. This will reflect your considerate nature and will definitely impress your boss. But,don’t be nosy. If your boss declines talking about it, move away.

  1. Punctuality and responsibility is key

Nothing annoys a boss more than unpunctual employees. However, if you’re among the ones who make it on time to the office, Congratulations! Your chances of being friendly with your boss are higher! Bosses view punctuality as a key element in an individual’s efficiency. I’m sure you don’t want to be late after this!

  1. Fancy dinners? NO.
Higher productivity? YES!

It’s a misconception that being friendly with your boss entails inviting them for dinner/lunches. But, none of that is required. If you’re good at your work, that will solely help you be friendly with your boss!

5. Seeking their mentorship

Seeking guidance will boost the ego of your boss. While asking your boss for guidance, the communication channels will open eventually. They get to know more about you and thereby they open up. They will also tell you their thoughts, thus building a connect between you’ll. So spend some time after work, discuss your progress over a cup of tea/coffee!

It’s simple. Be the best version of yourself at work, and your boss is bound to be friendly with you!


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