The saying “we hurt the ones we love the most” is accurate for the most part, except with dogs. Our love for dogs is unconditional and nothing compares to it. Dogs (actually pets) really are a human’s best friend. They protect you, love you, run with you, and are always there when you need a little animal therapy after a long day. Pets never make you cry, they always make you smile, which is something you can’t always say about significant others.

On top of being the best types of companions, they’re unconditionally there when we need them the most. Beyond making our lives more whole this is what is awesome about them:

#1 Pets Don’t Care if You’ve Put on Some Weight

That’s right. They don’t. They just love you, unconditionally. In fact, they might just enjoy a little more of you to snuggle up to. Basically, as long as you feed them, pet them, take them for walks and love them right back, your pet is going to think you are the King/Queen of the World — regardless of whether you’re a size 0 or a size 22.

#2 Pets Never Cheat

There’s no need to dig through their stuff for secret love notes. And you’re never going to come home to find him snuggled up to your hot next door neighbour (well, maybe, but it doesn’t mean anything and they will jump right on top of you when they see you). Pets are supremely loyal to their masters. They’ll do anything to protect you, which could also include giving their own life. Now that’s what we call special.

#3 Pets Never Come Home Drunk

In fact, going to the pub and having a drink would be hazardous to their health. Though they won’t judge you if you do that and would rather be by your side, anyway. All. The. Time. And you should totally consider taking them to some pet-friendly bars and events. That’s also why they howl and croon about their loneliness when you banish them to the balcony or the laundry room at night (although men do that also). 

#4 They Love to Snuggle

Dogs have no hidden agenda or ulterior motives while snuggling. Most pets would snuggle with you practically all day long if you’d let them. But then again, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up with the King/Queen of the World?

#5 Pets Are Always Happy to See You

If we’re going to be super honest, happy isn’t quite the word. Pets are actually ecstatic to see you. It doesn’t matter if you just stepped out for a quick errand or went on a 7-day vacation; your pet will always do a little dance of excitement and jump all over you upon your return. How many men do that?

On that note, you should totally make it a date night with your little-loved one this weekend. Don’t have a pet? Go someplace where you can play with others’ pets without all the responsibility of owning one.

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