Most of us often contemplate about how to plan our further studies. One question that often plagues us is, should we continue studying in India or go abroad? While both have their own perks, we have broken down the process for helping you understand how studying abroad can be rewarding!

To understand why should you want to go abroad, let’s look at the Indian scenario for pursuing masters. The number of good quality colleges are limited and the competition is fierce. Entrance exams are mandatory, and to be a part of a good college (placement and faculty) you need to secure a good ranking. Incase you happen to be someone like me who hates competitive exams, you’ll relate to the grueling hours of studying that you need to do. Getting into an average college is the last resort because we all are aware about the quality of education in these institutions. Also, the opportunities for exploring new courses is limited in India, which means that you’ll have to succumb to the available options.

Here are some reasons why should you pursue a Master’s degree abroad

  1. Competitive? Not Really!

While there are competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL/ILETS and GMAT, the syllabus for these exams are comparatively simple. And it is a singular exam that you have to give unlike the multiple that possibly may have to over here. The score requirements for selecting the student intake is also different for each university.

With sufficient practice and guidance, you’ll be able to ace the exams and get into the university of your choice!

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  1. Courses you never thought existed!

Always loved watching sports but were never good at playing it? Well, that’s alright you can still be associated with the sport by studying sports management. Liberal arts is another field where students can pair different subjects like music and psychology. There have been several projects where students have used music as a therapy to calm people’s minds. For people passionate about music, dance, art or science, the number of courses offered abroad is endless! Why settle for something lesser when you can pursue what you want!

  1. Quality of education

Most of the Universities abroad have a good standard of education, which is maintained by the educational regulatory bodies of the country. The universities also take efforts to help the students blend with the local environment, making the process of adjusting in a new place simpler! Universities abroad also provide lots of avenues to build on your softer skills, and hobbies ranging from canoeing to painting which isn’t given as much importance to here.

  1. Studying Diverse Subjects

International universities often allow you to take up courses from various different schools and faculties. For eg. you maybe doing your masters in Structural Engineering but you could yet take up a few credits in marketing or accounting. This helps one build interdisciplinary skills and increase their exposure. You can also take up minors in a field which allows you to have one main focus for your course (major) while also building some expertise in another area.

  1. Better pay

It’s a sad reality but in fields associated with science and engineering (specifically research), the pay in India after doing Masters is quite low. The pay packages and placement in countries abroad have a better standard as compared to India.

Other than the education part of it, studying abroad teaches us some interesting life lessons like:

    • Saving money and using it wisely
    • Interacting with people from different cultures and respecting them
  • And learning how to be independent in every sphere of life!

For some it often comes with perks of being able to freely go out, party and have some memorable nights. While that too is part of the experience, there are often cases where people lose focus from their ultimate goals and end up returning back with regrets. So learn to live sensibly and that may just be one of your biggest learning.

For studying abroad is an experience which will foster immense growth in the field that you are in and your personal self! The best part about the entire journey is the kind of ideas that are shared on the global platform and the learnings from a network of peers across the world. These will nudge you towards thinking differently and will gradually open the door to outstanding opportunities!

PS: Incase finances are an issue for studying abroad, you can always apply for scholarships and student loans!

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