Almost all of us have heard the elders grumbling “Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta”. While it’s true that government initiatives are necessary they are also inadequate and we as citizens should also contribute towards the growth of the community. The need for sustainable development has increased like never before and social ventures are churning out ideas to help the community grow. A social venture is characterised by the ability to monetise an idea that is focussed on creating a positive impact on society.

Sounds interesting? Here are 10 social ventures you can be a part of!

  1. Helpusgreen

    In a country where the River Ganga has great reverence, it also happens to be the most polluted river in India. Offerings such as flowers are continuously littered into the river. Helpusgreen came up with an initiative to reduce flower pollution. Founded by Ankit Agarwal, the organisation collects floral waste from temples and mosques. This saves around 800kg of flowers from getting dumped into the Ganges. The organisation employees 128 women from self-help groups. They work towards converting these flowers into incense sticks and vermicompost. The organisation sells these products through their e-commerce channel across the globe! Their interesting packaging also makes the product unique in its own way(hint: it can be grow into a plant)! To know more about them, visit their website.

  1. Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions

    Bringing together technology and workforce, Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions aims at assisting people from rural areas to avail government schemes. Co-founded by Aniket Doegar, Mayank Garg, and PR Ganapathy, the organisation reaches out to people from the grass root levels. They felt that it is difficult for the ‘aam aadmi’ to understand government schemes. This is where the “Haqdarshak” step in. They ensure that the process of getting documents from the government is smooth. The organisation is looking for passionate people to work with them. Find out more about their job opportunities here!

  1. Orion Edutech

    Keeping in mind the importance of vocational training, Mr. Sanjeev Kothari and Mr. Manish Agarwal started Orion Edutech.  It is a training center which works towards providing industry-related skills and knowledge. This facility reaches out to students from the rural and urban backgrounds. People studying in technical as well as non-technical fields get training. They also have job openings from different companies listed on their website. This helps students secure jobs. To know more about the kind of work they do, visit their website! Find out more about the job openings here!

  1. Ketto

    Raising funds for any kind of project has become convenient, thanks to Ketto! Co-founded by Varun Seth and Kunal Kapoor, Ketto works on the idea of crowdsourcing. Through crowdsourcing, individuals have been able to raise funds for their startups, films, hiking, NGO’s, etc. The list for which one can raise funds is endless! Moreover, the process of setting up a campaign on the website is simple. Ketto has been growing well since a past few years and what better time than this to start working with them! Know more about Ketto here! They also have job openings, but for now, it’s only for people in Mumbai.

  1. Career Ninja

    A NASSCOM backed eduventure, dedicated to empowering millennials with solutions to everyday life, CareerNinja launched in June 2017. Shronit Ladhani, the founder of CareerNinja believes that the education system is in urgent need of a revamp. CareerNinja is an online platform dedicated to making Indian youth not just work ready, but success ready. Through educational courses and the content platform, the venture aims at inspiring and guiding youth and developing their skills and knowledge. If you feel in sync with the cause and believe that our education system needs to change, reach out or visit the website! Business Development, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Marketing etc. are just some of the available roles.

6.Outline India

It is a research startup which aims at improving the quality of data collection for research, Outline India engages local people to take surveys. Prerna Mukharya, founder of Outline India felt the need for accurate data collection. She believes that for growth and development, in-depth research is imperative. Outline India also works in the field of research and policy advisory for educational and government institutions. If you have a knack for research and would love to make a change, here’s how you can!

  1. Talking Earth

    Using technology to save the few trees existing in Bangalore, Varun Hemachandra founded Talking Earth. Talking Earth is a venture which started with the concept of tree mapping in Bangalore. Mapping trees is a method used to collect data about trees. The organisation maintains this data for research purposes. The research gives an insight into the characteristics of the trees. If you’ve got a passion to save the environment, connect with them here!

So what are you waiting for? Shoot your CV to these ventures and create an impact like never before!

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