When my sister left for her masters abroad, she was really excited about it. However, as soon as she stepped into another country, her heart longed for home. It’s very natural for us to feel anxious about getting out of the cocoon of comfort and exploring the different world around us. Feeling homesick is one of the most common things that stops us from engaging with our new environment. It’s a struggle, but you need not worry about coping with it. Here are some things you should carry to help you deal with homesickness better!

  1. Pictures your family (and pet)

Framing photos of loved ones in your room is one of the best ways to bring warmth to your room. The memories associated with the pictures will reinforce a positive thought process, thereby making you feel happy. It’s almost like you have the closest people around you and you’ll feel less lonely, I promise!

2. Add that necessary spice in life (of course, we’re talking about food)

We love our masaledar khana and the aroma that fills our homes every time someone adds tadka to the dal. Going to a new country, you’ll have to be mentally prepared that the kind of food people consume there is different from cuisine we have in India. Packing some spices and garam masala is the best way to beat your homesickness for food! Whip up dishes you always loved eating at home and you’ll see the magical effect of food on your mood.

If you’re the kind who doesn’t like to cook, the instant mixes is also a good option to stick to! PS: Carry a few packets of Maggi to help you survive the hunger pangs!

3. Music is mandatory!

I can’t recall a single occasion when I haven’t used music to make me feel better. Be it a happy or sad moment, music is one of the most important mediums to get us going through life. Remember all those music albums you loved listening to since you were a teen? Or those old classic Hindi songs which your family jams to often? Make a playlist of those songs and carry them with you abroad. Every time you listen to songs, you’ll feel closer to home. This will help you settle in your new environment with ease.

4. Don’t forget to carry your camera!

The best part about living in a new country is that you can be touristy for as long as you like! Capture pictures of the city and send it across to family and friends! Sending pictures will help you keep in touch with your loved one’s and at the same time give them a sneak peek into the new journey that you have begun. Sharing your experiences with people back home will help you cope with distance. It will feel like they are a part of your new life and you’ll never have to be afraid of being alone. Also, this is the best time to channelise the inner photographer in you!

5. Journal

One of the most challenging parts about staying away from family is that you have to start dealing with problems independently. Because of the time zone and schedule differences, it will be impossible for you to seek help immediate help from your hometown. Carry a journal along with you to pour your heart out about everything. Writing has a therapeutic power and will help you feel better about staying alone over the course of time.

Address the problem of homesickness and don’t shy away from visiting a counsellor if necessary. Dealing with the emotion of loneliness is crucial to help you thrive, survive and enjoy the newer experiences that life has in offer!

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