Now that you know if Urban Design is the right fit for you or not, here are 5 reasons you should definitely consider getting a Masters in it:

Get a Boost in Your Pay

This one’s a no-brainer! A Masters degree can boost your previous salary benchmark by anything from 30 to 100%. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Open Up New Career Opportunities

While boosting your salary, the masters will also make you eligible for roles and responsibilities that you otherwise would have taken years to get to, or would not have been possible.

With your latest degree you can either level up in your field, or move to another related field without facing numerous questions about it, or being treated like a fresher in your new field. 

A masters, in this case, could help you move from being just an architect or engineer, to an Urban Planner, or Designer, or an overall Project Manager for something as cool as a Smart City project. Thus giving you work that is more meaningful challenging and important. 

Get Some Time Off

We all hit that stage at some point where we are just tired of all the work work work and living only on the weekends and just need a break. Or sometime we are at a stage when we’re just lost and don’t know what you want to do next.

Either way, going back to college could be the most productive break you can get! You get to go back to living like a carefree student, while getting time to figure exactly what you want to do next. Being exposed to your numerous peers, faculty and industry leaders will get your mind brimming with ideas and lead you to leave college xcited to do whatever is next!

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Learn New Skills

Of course, how can one forget this. No matter what you do, you will definitely leave University armed with the best and latest tools for a great career. You will build new skills, refine some of your previous knowledge, work on exciting projects, build an awesome portfolio and learn from the best in the industry. 

It’s Start Up Time

If your dream is to someday have your own company, studio or even just work for yourself as a freelancer, there is no better place to go. Networking with the various people you will meet in college will help you find probable partners to start-up with, mentors who will handhold and guide you and maybe even some of your first employees will come from your college network. The new portfolio you will build may help you get your first clients and the Masters degree will definitely boost your credibility out in the market. 

Also, if you’re lucky, the university you go to just might have a program to support startups with incubation and seed funding (for eg. Anant University does that)!

What might be even more awesome is that today if you are a driven and capable individual you could even go to college for cheap if not free! More and more institutes like Anant University provide generous scholarships today. 

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