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Here is a list of Pros and Cons for both online and offline coaching to help you come to a final conclusion.

online gmat course vs classroom gmat course
Online Learning Vs Classroom Learning

Online Coaching:

Pros of enrolling into an online coaching programme for GMAT-

  1. Time – As a working professional or student, the last thing you wish to do after a hectic day or week is to commute some more. With an online programme, make yourself a cup of coffee and save that time and energy and use it to focus on your studies from the comfort of your own home, or even better, bed.
  2. Flexibility – Another major advantage of online courses is flexibility. All course content is available to you 24×7 and you can study as per your availability. You can go back to any class at any point in time and play it again to review your concepts and check your understanding.
  3. Analytics – Online programmes offer analytics that provides you with instant performance analysis and gaps in your skills that you need to work on. This saves you a lot of time and effort as you know which are the exact areas that you need to work on.
  4. Cheaper- Though not necessary, online courses are generally cheaper than offline courses. Though this shouldn’t be the primary factor in choosing the right course as the difference is small in light of the potential returns from getting into a better MBA college.

Cons of enrolling into an online coaching programme for GMAT –

  1. Infrastructure – If you’re considering online coaching, then you must have at least a computer/laptop with a stable internet connection and a quiet place to study.
  2. You’re kind of on your own – A major requirement of online courses is discipline. Since you’ll be on your own and can choose your own pace, you’re responsible for maintaining a rigid study schedule.
  3. Lesser interactions and networking – Since the course is online, you won’t be able to interact much with your peers. Several courses have forums for you to discuss and network, but their use and effectiveness is limited.

Classroom Coaching:

The pros of enrolling for a offline coaching are –

  1. Infrastructure and resources – Classroom coaching classes are equipped with all the infrastructure and resources you’ll need to study. You just have to go to class regularly.
  2. They’ll ensure that you focus on your studies – Classroom coaching classes run on a fixed schedule that both the faculty and the students are expected to follow. Teachers will regularly check in on you.
  3. Interaction and networking – You interact with faculty as well as your peers face-to-face and can engage in discussions, doubt-solving sessions, as well as group study sessions. If this is how you study, the classroom is a better option than online coaching.
  4. The fixed schedule keeps you going– If you are anything like a usual 20 something, procrastination is often your best friend especially when you feel like binge-watching GoT. At such times having to go to a class ensures you keep progressing.

The cons of enrolling for a classroom coaching are –

  1. Time-consuming – You ’ll have to commute regularly to the classes, which might eat up a lot of your time and also your energy.
  2. No flexibility – If you miss a class due to health or other reasons, you don’t get a chance to make it up. When studying online, you can watch a video at any time, and as many times as you want.
  3. Time constraints – The faculty has to fit the entire study material within a fixed amount of time, which in turn determines the amount of theoretical material, examples, and even discussions you have. With online classes, you don’t have such constraints.

To Summarize

While both are great options, you should choose one depending on your study needs, availability, flexibility, and personality. The quiz above should help make this easier for you.


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