How’s the hunt for your master’s program for product design going so far?

Product Design is an upcoming field and one of the more crowded spaces these days. If you look up Product Designing courses on the internet, we won’t be surprised if you get lost between a series of links stating different courses to be the best in India.

You should know that it takes more than just a fancy campus and a strong placement rate for a course to be the best for you, especially for your master. For you to reach your maximum potential and qualify as a skilled product designer, you need a course that covers everything from the basics to the most advanced material. You need the right tools, opportunities to execute your skills practically and most importantly, a world class faculty.

The Master of Integrated Product Design at Anant National University ticks off our list of requirements for being one of the best courses for the newly minted undergrads of India as well as those looking to level up in their careers.

Eligibility Criteria

All of us could agree on the fact that it stings when you find out that the requirements for your ideal school are out of your reach. This course has its own requirements, but they’re quite basic. Students with a 3-year or 4-year Bachelor’s degree in any field are eligible to apply and that’s all there is to it. The program is best fit for those with backgrounds in engineering, design, or entrepreneurship, along with an interest in Product Design. And sure, relevant academic or work experience will benefit you during the admission process.

You should keep in mind though, just because the course has basic requirements, it does not make getting in a piece of cake. The course has only 10 seats to offer, so you have to make sure that you bring in your best game for the university to see.

Course Structure

It has become extremely important to be diversely skilled in today’s world irrespective of which industry you belong to. Writers are learning marketing strategies, product managers are getting technical, and the HR department, well, they’re still chilling.

Picture Courtesy: Planit

This course has been designed in a unique manner in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania; it has combined the disciplines of engineering, management & design, which preps you to analyse your challenges from multiple perspectives and helps you come up with the most accurate solutions. The program encourages learning-by-doing. The practical experience plays a huge role in developing a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as a Product Designer, which creates a lot of room for you to improve and progress.

Also, given the fact that this an opportunity for you to diversify your skill-set, Indian uncles and aunties will never judge you for not pursuing engineering ever again!

Tuition Fee

Keeping in mind how expensive design courses in India are, you’d be glad to know that this course is comparatively one of the more affordable ones. The university also provides accommodation for a very reasonable amount. (Also, did we mention just how dope the campus is? Staying on the campus is definitely a fun option according to us.)

Tuition Fee: Rs. 2,50,000/- per annum

Hostel Fee: Rs. 1,15,000/- per annum

Also, if the tuition fee is outside your budget, there’s some good news for you as Anant National University provides its students with need-based scholarships.

Now, what can be cooler than studying at an affordable price and living in an eco-friendly campus? Only one thing, a wide range of Khakhras! (Perks of studying in Gujarat)


The Master in Integrated Product Design course comes with a power faculty that consists of highly qualified experts from not only India but different parts of the world too. Anant National University has been praised tremendously for its dynamic faculty and its ability to provide a quality learning experience; there’s literally nothing better than driven and enthusiastic faculty that value your presence.

Here are some of the names affiliated with the Anant National University faculty:

Michel Danino – Guest Professor (Padma Shree Awardee)

Rahul Mehrotra – Professor (Harvard Graduate School of Design)

Amit Gulati – Product Designer (National Institute of Design)

Rattan Gangadhar – Designer (Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay)

A faculty of this kind will benefit you in the long run because not only do you get to learn from the best, but you also get the opportunity to develop strong ties with very influential people from the industry.


Picture Courtesy: Monster

The placement success rate of this university will definitely bring a smile on your face. It’s also important to keep in mind that the master’s program offers only 10 seats, which also means that the level of competition will be quite low for you.

Anant National University provides 100% placement assistance and is known for bringing in some big names during the placement phase. The year 2018 saw some leading design organizations stepping in for recruitment.

Here’s a list of some recruiters that participated last year:

●      Piramal Foundation

●      Lodha

●      INTACH

●      Teach For India

●      QCI

After all the hard work and an edifying journey, bagging a job of your choice in a leading company is like cherry on the cake, and this, totally, is a possibility when it comes to this particular university, at least that’s what the numbers say, and we all know that numbers don’t lie!

If you want to level up your skills and want to pursue this master’s program, don’t keep yourself waiting any longer and sign yourself up by filling out this form.


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