If you’ve got the knack for people & places and want to pursue a career in Urban Design in India, you’re about to ram into some exciting news.

Being an uncommon choice in our country, good UD courses are difficult to come across (which is exactly why we’re stuck in traffic half of our lives). Anant National University, a leading private university which focuses on different fields of design, has introduced a Master’s program in Urban Design. And if you’re a student from the field of design, social sciences, civil engineering, environmental engineering or architecture, with an inclination towards improving the quality of life of citizens, this course might be just what you were looking for.

We’re stoked about the fact that now there’s a possibility for a future without potholes, but here are some of the many reasons why this course is an epic choice for all the aspiring urban designers out there:


Picture Courtesy: Anant National University

You’ll need more than just a creative bent or a logical mind in order to become a good Urban Designer. Three skills that will eventually determine your quality as an Urban Designer are your analytical, design and communication skills. The course keeps these skills as the primary focus so that you can develop a stronger understanding of the social, political and economic systems, and the built environment.

During the two-year course, not only will you be learning how to develop your skills but you will also be given plenty of opportunities to execute your skills. You will be made to deal with real-life situations through intensive fieldwork, and your ability to come up with solutions in diverse situations will be tested. Practical experience is extremely important in this field, as it will help you develop your mind in a specific manner, allowing it to bend in different ways depending on the location, people, culture etc.


The faculty line-up for the Master’s program at Anant University is jaw dropping. The university has teamed up with leaders & scholars from fields of architecture, urban planning, environmental engineering and more to make sure that the students are marinated with the highest quality of education. (No wonder the traffic in Gujarat has reduced and the roads have improved *sigh*)

Here are some of the names that are affiliated with the Anant National University faculty:

●      Michel Danino – Guest Professor (Padma Shree Awardee)

●      Rahul Mehrotra – Professor (Harvard Graduate School of Design)

●      Amareswar Galla – Honorary Professor (Global Change Institute)

●   Sonal Shah – Urban Planner (ITDP India)

Over your master’s, your faculty is partially responsible for your performance in the real world. The guidance that you get at this point will eventually help you become a highly qualified Urban Designer.


What could be more important than a quality education and good professors? Well, from a student’s perspective, a lot more than that and a dope campus definitely falls in that list.

The good news for you is that this 100-acre college campus is known for its modern build. It is also an eco-friendly campus, so it’s definitely a good place to kickstart your journey as an Urban Designer and grow a sense of responsibility regarding a sustainable future.

The campus provides accommodation, so you can say goodbye to your brokerage related worries. (The hostel and mess fees are quite pocket friendly for students, one is expected to pay only Rs. 1,15,000 for an entire year) You can also look at it as a great opportunity to surround yourself and connect with like-minded individuals who are heading in the same direction.


Picture Courtesy: National Apartment Association

Now we all know that in order to save the “Khandaan’s” nose, it’s mandatory to land a well-paying job post the course. The placement cell of the university has been quite impressive, and the year of 2018 saw companies like Lodha, INTACH, Piramal Foundation, Centre For Urban & Regional Excellence and Shelter Associates come in.

Average CTC for the placements was 5.5 Lakhs per annum

And the highest CTC was 9 Lakhs per annum

The Master of Urban Design course at Anant National University is not only one of the best courses in this field in India but is also quite affordable when compared to other design schools (Tuition Fee: Rs. 2,50,000 per annum) and for students who cannot afford this course, the university provides them with need-based scholarships. Plus, studying under the all-star faculty helps in building a very strong network and having access to quality guidance will surely help you carve your way to the top.

There are many more reasons that make this course an outstanding choice if you’re planning to qualify yourself as an Urban Designer. If you want to know more, just leave your details behind and someone will get in touch to give you more information and guide you to the right decision.


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