Jai Hind college is a familiar name to every college student in Mumbai. It organizes more fests than any other college in Mumbai. The life cycle of a college student is monotonous and the festival is a great way to take a break from the books, meet new people, and have fun with your friends.

This January, it’s time for Entourage, one of the most popular festivals of Jai Hind college.

What Is Entourage?

This year’s Entourage has been touted as the most anticipated finance fest for undergraduates in Mumbai. Running in its 9th edition, the festival spans across three days, starting from January 5-7, 2019.

Why go to Entourage’19?

Here are four things that make the festival worth attending:

1. Hone Your Business Skills

Entourage promises an exciting schedule. The events focus on showcasing the participant’s skills relating to the corporate world. So every person who attends the festival will learn something valuable. There is an event that caters to everyone and below is the list of scheduled events under their top three categories i.e. Business & Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Creativity & Communication.

Business & Entrepreneurship

    • One of the flagship events of the festival is Ex Cathedra. It is where the Roadies meet the corporate world. You’ll be brainstorming deal ideas along with quiz, group discussions, stress management, and the final interview.
  • If you have dreams of building a startup in the future, there is an event called Avenues of Innovation. The participant will have to pitch his/her business idea to the big players in the startup industry. The event will focus on gauging participant’s entrepreneurship skills, innovation & creativity, and presentation.


    • Fancy becoming the Wolf of Dalal Street? Then Descendants of Dow is for you. This is another flagship event of the festival. You will be trading in equities using behavioral economics and quantitative analysis to use past performance for predicting future market behavior.
    • Do you have a thing for working with big numbers? How about finding problems in incomplete and messed-up financial statements? The ALM event is one for all the Accounting and Finance gods. Participants of this event will have to find out problems in a company’s financial management.
  • If you have played Monopoly as a kid and always excelled at it, then how about playing it in real life? In the Mono-Life event, participants have to purchase estates and discover rewards on their way to becoming richer.

Digital Marketing & Communication

    • Gone are the days of traditional marketing. If you have an understanding of how the digital industry operates, then look for the Pixel-o-thon event. Digital marketing is growing the company with marketing efforts and also building the company’s brand awareness. Those participating will require creativity, budgeting & project management, and graphic designing skills.
  • Do you have a flair for writing and reporting daily happenings around you?  Nation Wants To Know  is a literary arts event where you can put your reporting skills to test. Participants are required to create their own newspaper drafts.

2. Participate in exciting and engaging pre-events

The Entourage team performed its flagship flash mob at distinct locations in the city like the international airport and the CSMT station. Entourage also conducted socio-financial events like ‘walk of freedom’ and ‘corporate literacy seminar’. The festival was also the student engagement partner with Lil Flea.

If the pre-events leading to the actual fest are this huge, can you imagine how the festival is going to pan out?

3. Get Involved In Some Thrilling Sports Events

Do you think tennis is fun?

What about a trampoline?

Now put them both together and you’ve got – 360 Ball! Do we have your attention? Great! That’s because this year’s Entourage festival also has a sports event called 360 Ball, a game played by two players in each team with racquets and they have to hit a tennis ball on a trampoline in the middle.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? We thought so too!

4. Meet people from all over the world

To up the ante of competition, the Entourage festival will host national and domestic colleges with a few overseas college participants. So, in addition to competing, you get to interact with people from diverse cultures.  

Jai Hind’s festivals have an amazing and energetic atmosphere. And we don’t have to mention the amount of fun you’re going to have.

So what are you waiting for? Take our advice and go attend the festival now.


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