PredCred was founded by Devashish Gupta, along with his partner Anmol, while he was in his first year of degree college. It is a free to play sports prediction application. They offer quick and easy predictions on a wide range of games. To make it sweeter, they also have a redemption center with offers and products from great brands such as Videocon, Flipkart and Croma. The app was launched in the 1st week of April, this year and they already have a user base of 15,000 downloads over Android and ios versions of the app!

The idea of PredCred was conceived over a phone call between Devashish and his partner Anmol. Being huge sports fans and extremely bored, both of them had absolutely no hesitation in taking the idea up. Since then it’s just been small steps towards converting their vision into reality.
“We are still a very very long way off but its been a very exciting start. I would not say that we have had any significant success yet. I attribute our current progress to just the passion we have for this.”
As mentioned earlier, Devashish truly believes that they have not had any major success yet. Recently they successfully achieved their user acquisition target for the month of June and it was a major boost! They spent a lot of time trying to develop insights into what it was about their marketing campaign in June that lead them to the target. It is important to make a habit of finding out what are the factors that lead to success.

For Devashish and his co-founder, the major inspiration behind PredCred was just the desire to do something different from the standard 4 hours of college and random internships.

Obstacles are a part of the journey, he says. For him, it was tough to be involved in all aspects of starting a company, because there are too many. They feel lucky to have some great mentors who always helped them channelize their efforts solely in the direction of their vision. Another obstacle for Devashish was to find people who relate to his vision and have the skills to help him execute it. Finding such people was always a major challenge for him.

For Devashish, his mentors have been the greatest support throughout. Friends and family would always help to keep him happy and motivated, but he feels having the right mentors really helps in being clear about your goal and the execution plan.


Devashish feels that success is just about prioritizing between the many things that you have to do. As long as you can keep your focus on the important things that will facilitate you in reaching your goal, everything will work out for the best!


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