When you think journalism, a few images pop into your head. You are immediately struck with the picture of a suited man yelling away at the camera or a woman carrying a jhola bag hounding celebrities with a mic. Just like there are misconceptions surrounding every profession in the world, misconceptions about journalism are no exception. The aim of this article is to dismantle these misconceptions and to enable better understanding of this profession amongst our readers. Here are a few common misconceptions about journalism debunked!

Misconception #1 – A Journalist twists everything you say

There is a common misconception about Journalism that when speaking to a journalist, one must be ready to be manipulated and expect their words to be twisted and misinterpreted in order to fit the journalist’s modus operandi. However, this is not true. While there are bad seeds in every profession, one cannot take away from the fact that this industry is chock full of talented media professionals who work very hard to bring people the truth.

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Misconceptions about journalism #2 – Journalism is just like any other 9 to 5 job

If you want to make a career in journalism, you need to be willing to work odd hours as an important story can break at any time of the day or night. Journalists are therefore forewarned of the long hours they’d have to put in before they are brought on board. The constant need for stories to be published makes this job all the more difficult.

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Misconceptions about Journalism #3 – Bloggers are the same as journalists

Putting information on the internet has become easier with the onset of the digital age. Several bloggers have cropped up in the last few years. It is for this reason that a wide number of people mistake blogging for journalism. However, writing for social media is very different from writing for print. While a journalist is supposed to provide an unbiased view and report all facts, a blogger presents a piece from his/her point of view.

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Misconceptions about Journalism #4 – Journalism is soon going to be extinct

One can safely say that journalism is here to stay! Newspaper publishing has now moved on to internet publishing. News online reaches its audience instantly as opposed to the next morning. The world is always going to need news to stay connected with what’s happening outside the four walls of their home or office and it is precisely for this reason that journalism isn’t going to die down, now or ever. This is a major misconception about journalism.

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Misconceptions about Journalism #5 – You need to have impeccable English to be a good journalist

It’s great if you have a good command over the Hindi or English language. But that’s not going to determine how well you do in the industry. Journalism is more about finding and breaking stories than writing the story in impeccable English. Wording your story well is the editor’s job. A journalist is mostly responsible for viewing a story from different angles and collecting relevant facts.

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If you are studying to become a journalist, don’t let the above-mentioned misconceptions about Journalism deter you. If anything, make sure you, along with your peers, work towards eradicating them once and for all.

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