Unlike medicine and engineering, Journalism is an off-beat career choice in India. Not many Indians opt to become a journalist as it isn’t considered a “safe” profession. While there is enough speculation about this industry and all those who work in it, there is still little clarity that students in India have about this career option.
Here are 10 questions all students have about the field of journalism. If you’re one of them, read on without further ado!

Q1 – What is journalism? What does a journalist do?
A1 – To put it simply, journalism refers to the production and distribution of reports on recent events. A journalist should stay on top of the latest trends. Journalism is one of the most multi-faceted professions out there and one needs to dabble in a plethora of different subjects on a daily basis if they want to be successful in this profession. To know more, click here.
Q2 – What are the pros and cons of journalism as a career?
A2 – From the opportunity to work on challenging projects and learning something new every day to dealing with long workdays and looming deadlines, there are several pros and cons to this career. Intrigued? Click here.
Q3 – Should I pursue a career in journalism?
A3 – If you’re an aspiring journalist, be curious and open-minded! Click here to know what those things are.
Q4 – How to become a journalist?
A4 – Getting a degree in journalism is just the tip of the iceberg. Choose an area of specialization. Gain relevant experience. To know more, click here.
Q5 – Which are the top 10 colleges for journalism in India?
A5 – Several colleges in India offer a Journalism degree at the Graduate and Post Graduate level. India Institute of Mass Communication, Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) are just a few. To view the entire list, click here.
Q6 – What can you do to land a job in journalism?
A6 – As an aspiring journalist, you need to look beyond your books and take up projects that will help you move a step closer to your dream career. From blogging to social networking, here’s how you can hone your skills. To know more, click here.Q7 – What misconceptions do journalists have to deal with?
A7 – Just like there are misconceptions surrounding every profession in the world, journalism is no exception. The most common misconception is that a journalist twists everything you say. To know the other misgivings surrounding this profession, click here.
Q8 – How to land an internship in journalism?
A8 – Want your application for an internship in journalism to stand out from a sea of applicants? Create an exemplary cover letter and resume. Value experience over pay. To know more, click here.
Q9 – What is the future of journalism?
A9 – Print, television, radio and newsreels used to broadcast news. After its advent, the internet has brought forth new dimensions to the world of information dissemination. To know how this affects the future of journalism, click here.
Q10 – Which are the top 5 media firms to work at ?
A10 – Have you always aspired to work at ScoopWhoop? Has working at NDTV been your dream? Here is a list of the top 5 media firms you should send your resume to! Click here.