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With under 4 months until the first of the fall 2018 application deadlines, now is the time to kickstart your MBA application process. If in case you’re confused where to begin, we suggest a college fair (along with our other articles). A college fair is nothing but a chance to take a sneak peek into the university you wish to study and get expert tips for your preparation. It is a gathering where prospective MBA students come face-to-face with high-ranking universities from across the globe. The event houses a number of university admission representatives who give you a look into what it is like to study with their university, the application process and probably find out the eligibility for scholarships.

If you’re still confused about whether or not you need to attend a college fair, read the reasons below and you will already be searching for the next one:

One on One Meetings

Representatives of some of the best MBA colleges are present at the college fair and have individual booths, thus it is easy to get all your information in one place. Get all your questions, doubts and apprehensions solved immediately instead of having to email them and wait for a reply. They will even help you with your application process which includes student visas and scholarships related information as well as tips on how to better modify your application with respect to their college.

Meet Multiple Schools in One Go

All universities are not alike. Each has its own strengths, culture, and student type. Typically lots of top-ranking MBA universities are present at such events and if you are someone who is lacking in their research and haven’t narrowed down on your top five universities to apply for, this your supermarket. You can visit each university booth individually and get your information. Even if you’re someone who has their ‘Top 5’ list ready, no harm in visiting the others and getting a little more information and explore new options. The ones coming down as part of the QS MBA Fair this year include IE, HKUST, Nanyang, John Hopkins and various UC’s all of which are a must visit. 

Save Money

Yes, we all know that doing a campus visit helps your profile. But imagine the cost offlying to the country and then visiting each university individually. And let’s face it, you are not going to be travelling alone, your parents or at least one parent is going to accompany you. A college fair is the closest that comes to a campus visit. It saves you from going through all that trouble because the university or at least the branch (the admissions department) you’re initially concerned with has come to your country, your city. Apart from being economical, it also saves you time.

Put a face to your application

When you’re meeting university representatives you’ll put a face to your application as otherwise your interaction is restricted to e-mails. It is quite likely that the person you meet will also review your application in the future. Most importantly, attending such events and having these conversations tells colleges that you’re interested in them. Most even keep track of student contacts. Further, you can smartly refer to the conversation with the college in some part of your application reminding them of your interest in them. We’re not saying it guarantees admission but you’re sure to help your chances.

MBA, college fair
Picture Courtesy: QS Top MBA

Scholarships Galore

Attending an MBA fair can even make you eligible for various scholarships.

Platforms like QS who organise World MBA Tours help their attendees to be eligible for scholarships worth 7 Million dollars. You can even find out about scholarships offered by universities themselves.

Get Expert Guidance

MBA fairs are not only a good place to get individual college-specific information and put a face to your MBA application but experts from different colleges are present at the venue and there will be talks and panel discussions where they give some really important tips and insights on how to approach the MBA applications and even the GMAT exam.

MBA, college fair
Picture Courtesy: University of Rochester Career and Internship Centre

Meet MBA alumni- been there, done that

We all like the idea of meeting someone who has gone down the same path as us. The fair is the perfect place to meet someone who has already been down the MBA road. Some MBA schools, along with their admission representatives, invite their MBA alumni. This is so you can get a first- hand view of what it is like to pursue the course, campus life, and faculty. Some are even nice enough to give you tips on how to score well in GMAT or feedback your application

Discover finance options

Scholarships alone may not be enough to fund your MBA dream. A college fair is a great place to get more knowledge on finance options like student loans and aids offered by various universities and other service providers

Broaden your MBA network

An MBA fair is an excellent opportunity for you to not only meet MBA alumni but also future aspirants. Fairs like the QS World MBA Tour have small portions of the booth set out. Here, aspiring students can interact with MBA alumni, fellow candidates and admission representatives in quiet and peace. The friends you make here are often helpful when it comes to GMAT doubt-solving or getting feedback on your essay idea.

If this hasn’t convinced you to attend an MBA fair immediately then we don’t know what will! Whether or not you’re sure of pursuing an MBA or are just exploring, you need to hurry. Find out about these fairs and inch closer towards living your dream!

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