What are scholarships? Are they those magic genies that can print money? Well, not exactly. A scholarship is like a student loan except it doesn’t need to be repaid. As wonderful as a scholarship sounds, it is not easy to get your hands on it. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and a number of eligibility criteria to be fulfilled before you can land one in your kitty. Let’s face it, studying abroad is hard enough as it is and if you add financial stress to the mix, students are bound to feel overburdened. Of course, there is the option of opting for countries that have negligible tuition or no tuition but the country might not necessarily offer the exact course or degree you want to pursue. (You didn’t know there were countries you could study with little or no tuition, we’ve got your back: 10 Best Countries To Study While Paying Negligible Tuition )

There are a number of institutes and companies that are looking to invest in education but they need to see that spark in you and believe in your passion to study abroad. So if you’re someone who’s looking to get started on applying for one of these scholarships, we’ve made your first step easier.

Here’s a list of institutes that grant scholarships to help make your dreams come true:

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The Tata Education and Development Trust 

The philanthropic arm of India’s Tata group is called The Tata Education and Development Trust. It has provided a $25 million annual endowment for up to 20 scholars at any given time. Because of the institute’s generosity, students will have access to Cornell irrespective of their financial standing. The College Scholarship Service profile needs to be completed. Funding will be provided for 8 full semesters. If you have been accepted to any one of the following colleges- College of Architecture, Art, and Planning; the College of Engineering; the Applied Economics and Management major in the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business or if you are majoring in the biological sciences, physical sciences, other sciences or even social sciences you will be given top preference for the scholarship.

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Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship

This scholarship aims to support students from India, who are keen on pursuing doctoral studies. Students who are applying for the scholarships are expected to demonstrate leadership skills. The application for this scholarship must be made first to the University of Cambridge. The other caveat is that St. John’s College must be the first choice. To know what the scholarship covers, and for information on the application form, click here.

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarship

Popularly known as the OSCI scholarships, these are part – cost scholarships, which mean that part of the students expenses will be provided for. This scholarship can be used for any undergraduate, postgraduate and research, provided the subject is available at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. To know more about the scholarship requirements and the application process, click here

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Academy Asia Senior Scholarship

This scholarship allows you to be a senior fellow. This means that you will be holding a teaching position at the Chatham House research department. The position will be roughly equivalent to that of a senior lecturer. The course focuses on Global Health in Asia, Future Role of the United States in Asia, China and natural resources, Indonesia and ASEAN, Europe-China Security Cooperation, Security of Outer Space Systems, and China and the Future of the International Legal Order. For more detailed information on the Academy and fellowships, including eligibility, research topics and application details, please follow on the link.

The Fulbright – Nehru Master’s scholarship

This scholarship covers subjects in the areas of Arts and Culture Management. If you are planning to do your masters, you should apply to this one. However, do keep in mind that you should be committed to return to your country and contribute back to society once you are done with the course.  Applications must be submitted online, Review the applicant instruction before starting the form and refer to the application checklist before submitting the application. In addition to the application form, an applicant annexure and employers endorsement form is needed. If you need more details on how this entire scholarship works, you can check it out here

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Inlaks Foundation

Inlaks Scholarships provides the opportunity for young people with exceptional talent in any field to improve their skills to operate in society.  Engineering, Computer Science, Business Studies, Medicine, Public Health, Fashion Design, Music and Film Animation studies are not supported by this scholarship. However, in the case of Imperial College, London, scholarships will be given for Engineering and Computer Science. Indian Studies will be considered, only if they have contemporary relevance.

Chevening Scholarship

This scholarship is the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders. The recipients are selected by British Embassies and High Commissions throughout the world. Up to 65 fully funded scholarships are offered to Indian graduates in a discipline of their choice at any recognized UK university. Click here for details.

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The Rhodes Scholarship for India

Every year, five scholarships are available in India from Rhodes. Till date, there are two hundred Indians who have benefited immensely because of the financial help provided to them. To get more information on the application form and the unofficial guide to help in filling the form, refer to the website.The selection committee is looking for outstanding candidates who are motivated to engage in global challenges. The focus is on getting young men and women who have outstanding character, intellect and commitment. You would need to have completed your undergraduate degree in first class. This Unofficial Guide can be used while filling the application to avoid confusion.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

This scholarship is awarded to students who can make a significant contribution to their home country after completing the higher education program. The funding for this scholarship is provided by the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission to all Commonwealth countries. This scholarship supports education in the field of Engineering, Science, Agriculture, Humanities and Social Sciences. For more details on Commonwealth Scholarships, visit the Commonwealth scholarship commission’s website.

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Oxford India Center Scholarship

All of us have aspired to study at Oxford. To help make this dream a reality, the center has decided to provide funding for talented Indian graduate students who would not otherwise be able to take up a seat at Oxford. There are a total of 6 scholarships which focus on the study of the various aspects of sustainable development. There is a very tough selection procedure where you must be able to demonstrate your commitment to return to India. You will also have the opportunity to attend seminars and participate in leadership and social entrepreneurship. For more information on the scholarship, you can click on this link.

The most important thing to remember here is that though a scholarship is not a loan, it is not free money either. Most of the institutes invest in you by helping you study further. Getting a scholarship is an opportunity and a motivation to make life better. A scholarship helps open so many doors and it fuels an individual’s growth. 

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