As more and more students are embracing the idea of changing their stream if they are not content with what they are currently pursuing, most parents still have reservations when it comes to letting their children do a complete 360. Even though the transition from one stream to another is a clear picture in your head, it may be difficult to explain to your parents. Convince parents with these 5 tips that will make this ‘chat’ easier.

1. Clarity is key to Convince Parents

You need to be armed and ready with a solid plan for when your parents question you as to why you want to change your stream. Instead of getting into a shouting match with them, sit them down and explain calmly why this switch is important for you. Start by telling them how and when you developed an interest in this new stream and the job prospects that will be available to you in the future. If you are transparent with your parents, they will get a clearer picture of your goals and ambitions. Convince parents, don’t fight them.

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2. Embrace tough questions

Remember, your parents only have your best interests at heart. They aren’t your enemy so it’s unfair to treat them that way. Your parents are bound to ask you a few tough questions you may not have answers to. Instead of lashing out at them, tell them that you’ll do some more research and get back to them. This will assure them that you’re serious about the step you’re about to take.

3. Be creative 

The method you adopt to convince parents also determines their decision. Instead of telling your parents point blank that you dislike your current stream, get creative in how you can voice your change of heart. Make use of analogies and innovative examples to support your claim. You can show them a Ted Talk of a prominent figure working in humanities or you can tell them about a few interesting things about your dream stream.

4. Give them the assurance they need

Nothing reassures parents more than professionals telling them that their kid will be fine. Convince parents by approaching a career counselor who has adequate knowledge of the stream you wish to change to. Professionals who’ve made their mark in the field are more likely to assure your parents than anything that comes from you. If you have taken career guidance from counselors, ask them to explain your personality type and aptitude to your parents so they too can understand why you’re better suited for that field.

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5. Public Display of Passion

Even though you’re studying Science, have you realized that Political Science is your true calling? If yes, engage in political discussions in family groups, be updated with the current political scenario in the country and take part in mock Parliaments and mock United Nations. Basically, flaunt your passion! Show your parents how much it means to you. For all you know, your actions might just sway their decision in your favour.

Remember, your parents are your well-wishers and they want to see you happy above everything else. Instead of rebelling, try to make them see reason. You might be surprised about how quickly they change their mind and let you pursue your dreams!

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