Allow me to let you in on a simple fact of life. We all need money. Of course! Who would disagree with that right? It is an essential requisite to live and shop. But you see money doesn’t grow on trees and if you want to make a living, then you need to find a job and maybe even do so online. Job hunting

Merely finding a job is not enough as one would also have to be good at their job to make a successful career out of it. Since many of you are probably in college, I presume that you are studying what you love. Putting all that in perspective, finding a job as a millennial has never been easier. With the onset of the internet, portals like Internshala and have facilitated job hunting in a wide range of fields. In fact, it has become one of the foremost platforms for employers to persuade prospective employees. The amount of choice available to job applicants today is great although it is not without a flipside.

The sheer number of job postings on these portals has become a ‘problem of plenty’ since applicants find it difficult to find their niche. At a time when unhappiness runs rampant, it is important that you find a job that maximizes your potential and makes you the most productive. Today, I shall list a few steps you could take to make the process of online job hunting more fruitful.

Job Hunting

  • Create a candidate profile

This may seem like a simple step but it is an essential step in the process of job hunting. Creating a job profile gives prospective employers information about what you’re looking for in a job and how much you’re expecting to be paid for it.

  • Post your résumé

A resume is the first impression of an employee so it better be great! Make sure to list out achievements that would bolster your chances of getting the job that you seek. Portals like Internshala enable you to upload a resume to your profile. A resume is the first step in the candidate search for many hiring managers. So, if you’ve nailed your resume, your chances go up considerably. However, resumes are not always limited to these job portals themselves. In the time of Google, prospective employers will certainly likely to look up a candidate’s on social media. In this regard, creating a decent profile on LinkedIn can really go a long way in making sure that you get hired.

Job Hunting

  • Search your niche

One of the most important things to consider while looking for a job is to phase out openings that are not in your area of interest. Hence, it is imperative that you focus on sites that list openings exclusively in your area of interest. For eg; sites like Internshala lists Humanities, Research, and Content Writing etc. With regard to certain internships, you have the option of ‘Working From Home’ as well. Also be sure to set your sights on the salary that you’re expecting. It is essential that you have a clear mind while job-hunting. Identify what you’re looking for in a job and then apply according to what you need.

Job Hunting

  • Sign up for job alerts and RSS filters

It’s easier to find a job if you receive updates regarding their availability. Most websites allow you to register to receive emails and regular updates that alert you to new postings that meet your criteria such as location, keyword etc. You can also consider signing up for RSS which is an electronic transmission system that enables you to receive content in an easy to read format. Receiving regular updates can keep you up to date with all the potential job opportunities that are available in the market.

 Hence, we have gone through the various steps involved in the process of online job hunting. In the end, one thing is certain. Online job hunting is not easy. However, it could be made simpler with some organization and focus. So what are you waiting for? Your future is yours to make!

Job Hunting

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