Group discussion aka GD is an effective way to test an individual on his/her overall personality. Group discussions are generally held while selecting a candidate for a job, or just as an activity to brush up skills in business, as well as in the academic sphere. Ruining a GD means ruining your chances of grabbing an opportunity. So here are the top 5 mistakes one should avoid in a GD:

1.Lack Of Initiation:

GD Coming Up? 5 Things You Should Not Do

As soon as the interviewers give the topic for the GD, most people stand by hoping someone else will start off the discussion and then they can join. This is a very common mistake but often not treated as one for people think they can always put up great points later on in the discussion but you miss out on a chance of showing your leadership skills. Group discussions are not all about your understanding of the topic but also about you as a person. Taking an initiative also shows how confident you are. So never hesitate.

2. Redundant Comments:

GD is not a competition about who can speak the most, as most people assume it is judging by the fact that they keep on shooting their mouth off. They also tend to start discussing something that is not remotely connected to the main topic. Put up the points that have weightage and are related to the topic.

GD Coming Up? 5 Things You Should Not Do

3. Reluctance In Communicating:

Communication skill as we all know is a major attribute people test you upon. This includes how well you handle your anxiety and speak out your mind. Also listening intently while someone else is sharing their views. You expand your knowledge and come up with new points. Remaining quiet when you should speak will cost you. An important reason for inculcating good communication skills is that it shows that you are in control of your fears and that promotes your personal brand.

4. Emotional Eruption:

During a GD most people forget that they are still a part of civilization or in simpler terms they forget their manners. Losing control of your emotions such as anger causes you to raise your voice and point fingers which is not a good sign or sight for that matter. Forcing your ideas and denying others the chance to speak by constantly interrupting is another way of showing that you have no control when it comes to your emotions. This is not something your examiners should come across. Be firm but at the same time retain your cordiality. At any time you feel your emotions rising take a deep breath and then calmly state your comments.

5. Poor Body Language:

Since you are not directly talking to the interviewers,  therefore it is inevitable that they will notice all aspects of you, i.e, how you sit, how you address others, your hand gestures, etc. Body language,  needless to say, plays an important role in a GD. Pointing fingers at others while speaking, thumping on the table to make a point or standing up to confront someone and sitting in bad postures are few signs that leave a bad impression of you on others.  

Group discussion can sometimes turn out to be more difficult than personal interviews since you are supposed to interact with strangers and compete with them at the same time. Moreover, it is your stepping stone to getting a personal interview. But keeping a clear head and avoiding the above mistakes can guarantee you the chance of success.

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