We all have a point in our life when we ask ourselves, “Have I made a difference to the world?” We often wonder if we could join organisations such as the United Nations to make an impact on the world. Well, guess what? You can be a volunteer at United Nations Volunteer Programme. Curious to know how?
The United Nations Organisation is one of the most impactful organisations. They have undertaken various programmes to bring about a change in the world. United Nations Volunteers transcend geographical and cultural barriers. The organisation aims at helping people with social, geographical and economic distress. They have volunteering opportunities across the virtual, domestic and global spectrum. Yet, there are certain criterias that you need to fulfill to be a part of the organisation.
But before that, why should you want to volunteer?
UNV is one of the largest agents of change. The programme incorporates the participation of different countries. UNV is one of the most credible sources which works towards making a difference in the world. The on-ground volunteering enables individuals to put their knowledge into practical uses. One also learns how to deal with challenging scenarios and also gets to meet interesting people from various walks of life. The UNV isn’t just a great platform to help people, it will also help you hone your skills. So, without a doubt, volunteering with the UN will be like a feather to the cap on your CV!
What do you need to be a part of the United Nations Volunteers?
Passion is all you need! In a Ted Talk given Ms. Tanya Demello about how to be a part of the UN, she states the necessity of being passionate about the cause. She believes that in the quest of creating an impression about ourselves, the essence of community work fades away. She illustrates this by giving an example of her colleague, Marine Buissonniere. Marine Buissonniere is a Secretary General of Doctor Without Borders. She had visited China to explore the world and ended up living there. Being a French resident, she opened a bakery in China. Every day, a few homeless boys would request her to hand over the leftovers to fill their stomach. With the passage of time, she realised that there were people who needed help and felt the urge to act on it. She started looking for funds. While looking for funds she stumbled upon Doctors Without Borders. Touched by the passion she had for school children, they asked her to join the organisation. Since they needed someone who was fluent in Mandarin and French, she became a part of the organisation. Passion for community work is the key to being a part of the UN. The number of people that you can empower is endless!
The United Nations Volunteer Programme has three parts:
    • Online Volunteering
    • National Volunteering
  • International Volunteering
  1. Online volunteering
     UNV helps different organisations to look for volunteers. The UN website opens the application process for the organisations. Once individuals apply, organisations select volunteers on the basis of their requirements. The tasks have to done through the online medium. They include creating marketing campaigns, drafting proposals and helping with accounting. Perks: you will also receive a certificate for this!
2. National Volunteering
The United Nations Volunteers also operates on a national level. This means that you can work towards the welfare of your country. You will engage with people from different cities and villages to undertake projects. Your tasks will include:
– Creating an inclusive environment for marginalised individuals
– Working towards sustainable development of the community
– Encouraging volunteer initiatives
– Making a local community and assisting them in availing government services.
But, to be a part of this, here are certain criteria that you need to fulfill:
–  Be 22 years and above
– You should have a higher education degree and should be professionally competent
– You can be a part of the national programme even if you’re not a citizen, but a legal resident in the country.
3. International Volunteering

Global Opportunities in the UNV programme is a rewarding experience. If you’re the one who would go an extra mile to serve people, this ones for you. You will learn different languages and get exposure to myriad cultures. This will help you connect with the locals and provide help in the best possible manner. You will also get an opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds. The duration of the work is usually 6-8 months, but sometimes it also can go up to a year. For this, all you need to do is set up your portfolio on the UNV Global Talent Pool, and then apply! Some of the criteria that you need to fulfill are:

– You have to be above 25 years of age
-You need to have a University Degree or a higher technical diploma
The profiles where volunteers are usually required are:
1. Development and Project Management
2. Legal Affairs
3. Political Science
4. Public information
5. Engineering
6. Health
Now that you know how to be a part of United Nations Organisations, go ahead and make this world a better place to live in!

To know more about the UNV programme, you can visit their website.

Yet wondering why should you do social work? Well, we have your answer right here!


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