It is now a fact that fewer employers are paying attention to your CV. Honestly, I would judge someone real hard if I am asked to work for them purely on the basis of my CV.

Thankfully, I have never had that experience so far. Neither did I show my CV, nor did they ask for it. Here’s how, and why…

An interviewer would ask for your CV to know about your academics, qualifications, hobbies and work experience (if any). However, now, employers also scrutinize upon aspects other than academics.

The availability of online courses has made gaining qualifications simpler, and hobbies do not require validation. Besides that, a lot of your knowledge, skills, and personality is uncovered in your interview. Calling yourself a Digital Marketing wizard, while not knowing where to put which link on Instagram, is of no use. You should be able to show who you are and what you stand for in interviews.

The How?

Let’s get to the specifics now. I’ll now tell you about the three organisations I work at, and how I bagged my positions without a CV.

OnePlus is a 4-year-old smartphone company, which has been gaining momentum since its launch. You may have heard or even used their smartphones by now. I started doing community events for them, even before OnePlus had expanded its business in India.

Everyone at their office had heard about me and my activities. With over 10 events (each received a tremendous response), I met the team at one of their events in Mumbai. I shared my plans about contributing in a big way, which fascinated them. We then discussed how I could contribute in a bigger way and figured out what work I could do from home, as they don’t have an office in Mumbai yet.

Now, whenever there are events in Mumbai, I am the first one to know. I showed them my potential willingly. I created value for them, in terms of managing their community. I always kept them in the loop about the plans and execution strategies and coordinated well with them. This was perhaps enough for them to know what I could bring to the table.

Before getting to my stint with EOTO, let me introduce you to this term ‘Social Profiling’. In simple words, it means your potential employers might see your presence on social media to determine if you are the right candidate for them.

This also includes them checking whether you have posted anything offensive or insensitive. So, it is always the best to have a proper profile online, and if possible, allow it to be a true extension of yourself.

My employer at EOTO (Edge Over The Other), a tech publication, stumbled upon my Facebook profile one day. He sensed my deep passion for technology from my timeline, where I had shared about my OnePlus events and opinion on the state of the industry and new releases. He was so impressed that he instantly messaged me.

A decent conversation and I was on board. It might sound peculiar, but that’s the reality. I keep my social media profiles such that it will impress anyone who checks them out. Social media is happening and we are all going digital. Make sure you update your profile and maintain it well, as it will be very resourceful in the future.

While hiring, the most passionate ones can sometimes get an upper hand over the most qualified ones.

I knew the founder of CareerNinja was starting something in the education space, but I didn’t know what it was. Knowing him since our AIESEC days, I know that he is someone with a strong vision.

I thought that I could not only learn something from him, but also work on this venture. I  spoke to him and he interviewed me over the phone one midnight (millennials, you see), where I showed him how well I had connected with his purpose.

How You Can Do It

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You can land your dream Job!

Here are a few tips for you to get to your desired position, without your CV:

  • Create value and leverage for your employer.
  • Show your potential readily, without them asking for it.
  • Having appropriate knowledge is essential.
  • Don’t neglect your online presence.
  • Keep a portfolio of your work, if applicable. It can be online too.
  • Be sure if YOU want that position and be confident about grabbing it.
  • Sometimes, you just have to ask.
  • Be genuine while showing your passion.
  • Think long-term and plan your moves accordingly.

Have you ever had an interesting interview? Write to us about that. We would love to hear from you!

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