We as students are at a crucial stage of life where we are bombarded with options. If you’re  keen on studying abroad, chances are you’re confused about what should you pursue. At one moment the mind says, “MBA karle, promotions aache milenge”, while the very next moment the mind shifts to “Aree, par mujhe toh technical mein rehena hai, masters kar leti hoon”. While both of the degrees have significance, here are a few points to consider while deciding what you want to study abroad.

  1. Area of Interest

Being in tandem with the field you want to establish a career in is important. For instance, if you happen to be a student who has pursued pharmacy and want to dwell deeper into the technical side, then Masters will be an ideal degree because:

-the course will give you a detailed insight into the subject

– it will help you understand the other applications of the same field which you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

If you feel that being a part of the managerial side is your forte, you should consider doing  Masters in Business Administration. MBA degrees abroad are well designed to sharpen the enterprising side of your field. An MBA is a good option because:

-It has subjects like finance management, which is essentially the core of  the management field.

-Universities abroad provide better opportunities to people pursuing MBA. This is because of the increased need for efficient employees who understand the crux of work dynamics.

  1. Requirements

Both the courses have their own requisites and time period they get over in. While masters can be pursued abroad right after completing your undergraduate degree,  for MBA, universities abroad require students to have prior work experience. It’s essential to understand the requirements because that will become an important factor in helping you prepare for your applications accordingly.

The Other Side of MBA which no one speaks about

While you definitely need to keep in mind the points mentioned previously to help you get admission for masters or MBA, there’s a side which we generally overlook. Talking about MBA degree, we all believe that post an MBA abroad life is a cakewalk! However, the reality is way harsh. Companies have become skeptical of hiring people who have an MBA, or have started paying them lesser. This is because, the companies believe that the resources used to train the employees go in vain because employees eventually leave the company after two years of work experience. Most of the times, people are paid a lower pay package. This is why there is a spurt in startup culture. Well, this is exactly the reason. The spurt in the number of startups precisely explains why it’s difficult to put a finger on the salary range. See how pay for MBA students abroad has changed.

The untold story of masters.

For people who love the technicalities of a subject, masters is the way to go! However, the person who has completed MBA is more likely to be hired than someone who has finished a master’s degree. The very simple reason being, people who complete their MBA abroad have prior work experience. At the same time, they have a broad understanding of things in their field because of the vast number of subjects they study. However, masters limits the scope. Since people only study subjects associated with the particular course, the students tend to lack on soft skills such as leaderships, team work spirit and good communication. A MBA in that sense hones the skills of students to help them achieve more, whereas master’s students don’t have a lesser holistic approach towards personal growth of the the individual, thereby making it difficult to adjust to myriad work environments.

MBA or Masters abroad, you pick yours! And just like Robert Frost once said, “Two roads diverged in a wood,

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference” we leave it up to you to decide which is the best path to tread on!

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