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Choosing a college is an important and a difficult decision of your life but choosing a major, is even harder. Which stream to choose? What subjects to opt for? English? Science? History? Chemistry? Or something else? With so many choices available to students, it can be a tough decision to make. Sometimes it so happens that you want to pick an X subject but your parents want you to pick Y, your best friend is taking Z and what is actually suitable for you could be something totally different. Choosing a college major is a big life decision because your future career prospects will depend on this choice.

But before you lose your mind, take a look at these tips that will help you choose a college major:

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The foremost step to take before you settle down on any choice is to know what you want. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which are the subjects available in my choice of stream?
  • From the subjects available, which are my top three choices?
  • From the top three choices, which one interests me the most?
  • Are my choice of subjects aligned with my future career goals?
  • Will I be able to cope with the syllabus?
  • Where do my interests, passion and values lie?
  • Am I making my decision based on what my parents expect of me, what my friends are choosing or what I want to do?
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Is it employable?

The major you’re choosing needs to prepare you for your future career. Not all of us might know for sure what career we want to pursue but most of us have an idea as to what we want to do with our lives. You can’t expect to get into commerce and later become a counselor. Be mindful when you’re choosing a major.

Get help

Who better to talk to than a career counselor or a college adviser? They are well-equipped to assess your situation and guide you accordingly. You can also speak to the concerned faculty or seniors who have picked and pursued your choice of Major.

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Weigh the pros and cons

If you’re stuck between two subjects and can’t decide which one to pick, make a list of the pros and cons for each subject. This list will help you develop a better insight into what each subject entails. Through this, you’ll be able to distinguish between the better and best.

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The truth is, there is no fool-proof method to ensure that you’ll pick the right Major. Figure out your priorities, trust your gut instinct and take it forward from there.

If you’re still torn between listening to your parents or following your heart, take a look at our guide: Listen to My Parents Or Follow My Heart-What Should I Do?

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