We as students despise studying because of the monotony associated with it. We often keep procrastinating. By the time we get our exam schedule, we realise that we have very less time to prepare for the exams. So, it’s necessary to keep ourselves motivated from the start. To begin studying, all we need is a little push. The best part about it is, you don’t need to touch your books at all! Here are some easy ways to feel motivated to get started.

  1. Collect Quirky stationery

Let’s be honest, we all feel fascinated when our classmates carry funky stuff. Notebooks and diaries with inspirational quotes will give you the necessary push. Apart from notebooks, organising stationery is a quick way to save time and begin with important tasks. My friend often delayed her work because of not having her stationery in place.

Thanks to stores like this one, shopping for stationery will always be exciting and interesting!

2. Timetables don’t always have to be boring!

The best way to get started is to chalk out your day to day activities. This will ensure that you have a balance of leisure as well as productive activities. Some things to keep in mind while you make a timetable are:

  • The very moment we hear the word timetable, we immediately picture a drab looking table. But, Pinterest has ideas which can make your timetable look more artistic!
  • Have a variety of subjects to study in a day. It’s always better to start with a heavier subject and then move on to an easier one. Practice this often. Breaking down subjects in the hard to easy format will keep you enthusiastic about studying.
  • Select the time of the day where you feel you have high levels of concentration. This differs from person to person. While some of you may prefer studying late night, there are some of you who may have more focus early morning. Making a timetable will help you grasp concepts in the more productive part of the day.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Ensure that you incorporate enough break and leisure activities to balance academic stress.
  • You can either design a timetable for every day or you can make a different timetable on a daily basis. Design the timetable keeping in mind the upcoming exams or weekly tests.

The key to success lies in being able to stick to the timetable.

3. Why collect notes later? 

We seldom have a look at the syllabus and the prescribed books. In the end, the mayhem created in collecting all the notes and books makes it all the more difficult. But, if you skim through the syllabus and organise notes in advance, you’ll save a lot of time. Also, you’ll be less stressed about your exam preparation.

These steps need almost little or no effort! While you start exploring, you’ll stumble on some intriguing things and the best part? You don’t have to study for this! What are you waiting for? Blend your artsy side with your academic schedule now!

Despise going to college? We’ll give you reasons to attend!

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