We do everything possible to ensure that our exam preparation is on the right track. Yet, one of the most ignored aspects of preparation is the food we consume. Yes, food! Talk about eating your way to a great score. We need to keep in mind that there are certain kinds of food which fuel our brain the most. There are also foods, which help us feel calmer during preparation. Of course, it includes a lot of the healthy things we tend to avoid, but how about giving it a try?

Introducing to you, superfoods that will help you score better!

  1. Dry fruits = sharper memory!

While binge eating seems likely during exams. The bad news is, binge eating on high-fat food causes harm. Instead of reaching out to that tub of Ice-cream, keep a dry fruit snack box handy. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, and cashews consist of vitamin B and zinc. These components are crucial for memory.  Other fruits include cranberry and blackberry. These are rich in antioxidants and prevents the body from feeling fatigued. If you don’t like dry fruits, you can always add it to your salads and yogurt to make your dry fruits intake interesting!

  1. Vitamin C is integral!

There are innumerable reasons why vitamin C should be a part of your diet while preparing for exams! It helps:

    • Relieve stress
    • Boost immune system
  • Increase brain functionality

Oranges are high in vitamin C content. Have it raw or in the form of juice to help you get going for exams.

3. Have you tried oats yet?

Oats are available in stores, according to the taste you prefer. Rich in fiber and protein, oats are crucial. It not only assists in the replacing the wear and tear in the tissue but also energizes the brain. You could either have it as a breakfast or snack, either way, it’s going to energise your body.

  1. A little chocolate, cause why not?

Chocolates, especially dark chocolate, assists in overcoming stress. Small amounts of chocolate on a regular basis is important. Chocolates produce endorphin, which help the brain to switch to a more relaxed mode.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Water does not fall under food. But, nutritionists point out that keeping yourself hydrated is essential. The brain utilises different kinds of fuels to function. Water is an integral source of oxygen for the brain. It helps to keep the mind alert. Always keep a bottle of water handy while you’re studying and take a few sips whenever you feel drowsy.

  1. Not more than two cups!

Although both tea and coffee are stimulants, ensure that you don’t consume more than two cups. An overdose of tea and coffee is harmful to the body. Drink both the beverages in small quantities. Too much caffeine increases anxiety.

Having the right kind of food fosters the functioning of the brain. Keep rich (food which has high amount of oil, cream or eggs) foods away for a while (you can always have them post exams). We promise you that these superfoods will help you fulfill the goal you have set out to achieve!

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