10 Songs To Get You Motivated Instantly!


You love music? So do we! Sometimes we all get bogged down by all the work we have to do at the office or the studying we need to do for our exams and at such times breaks are important. And what better way to unwind than music! And whilst you listen to these songs, you will even feel motivated to get back at your work with with a renewed sense of purpose and energy!

Here’s a list of songs (hindi and english) to instantly pump you up!

  1. Hall of Fame– The Script

  1. Chak De India – Title Track

  1. Fight Song– Rachel Platten

  1. Aashaiye– Iqbal

  1. Stand in the light – Jordan Smith

  1. Zinda– Bhagh Milkha Bhag

  1.  Superheros– The script

  1. Jeete hai chal– Neerja

  1. Best day of my life– American Authors

  1. Besabriyan– Dhoni

We hope that this playlist nudges you to follow your dreams bravely. Now get out there and get going!


CareerNinja Team
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