Ethical hacking helps a company or individual identify potential threats on the computer or network.
The need for hackers has increased after the revolutionary movement of ‘Digital India’ . From Banking and Automotive to Manufacturing and Retail, several industries have undergone digital disruption in the last few years. Important documentation like Aadhar cards, Ration cards, Driving license are going virtual. There are tons of developers who can create software and websites, but few know how to keep that data secure.
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What is the scope for ethical hacking?

According to Mr. Sandeep Sengupta, Managing Director of the Indian School of Ethical Hacking, “Ethical Hacking is a legal way to find out whether any software or network is hackable. The company owner assigns hackers to hack into the system to check its strength. 5-10 years ago, there wasn’t much scope in the field of ethical hacking but the landscape has changed today. As cyber crime has increased, every company is in need of ethical hackers to check their system. As per a Nasscom survey, we need 5 lakh cyber security professionals, but we have only 50,000.”
When asked what the pay-scale is in the field of ethical hacking, Mr. Sengupta says, “While freshers earn a starting salary of Rs.6 lac per annum, there are people who earn upto Rs.60 lacs per annum too. The sky is the limit for experienced professionals in this field.”
Several designations and profiles are available in this field of ethical hacking. Because of this, ethical hacking as a career is on an upward trend. The types of jobs that are available include vulnerability assessment, penetration testing specialist, cyber security auditors, information security managers, CISO, and several more. According to Mr. Sengupta, “Predictive analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are next on the radar in the field.”
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What can one study to become an ethical hacker?

Becoming an ethical hacker is easy today. One can self-learn and choose from a variety of courses that are available at your disposal. Some of the top schools in the field include & You need to be well-versed with network basics (CCNA), a little bit of linux (RHCE), and VAPT (vulnerability assessment & penetration testing) to become an ethical hacker. When asked if ethical hacking is here to stay, Mr. Sengupta replied, “As long as the cyber world will stay, ethical hacking will stay too!”
In India, ethical hacking is a new concept. USA has worked on developing software programs and making sure those programs are secure. They give equal importance to development and securing. For India, the change has been sudden. We have the developmental resources. But, even today we don’t give enough importance to the security aspect. If companies want their data to be safe, they will need to hire ethical hackers for the same.
This field is experiencing a lack of talented professionals in our country. Because of this, companies are hiring even B.Com graduates with good knowledge about the field. In conclusion, ethical hacking as a career is a booming field which is making new headway every day!
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