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5 Easy Ways To Be A Leader In College

College is your first take on the real world. For the first time, you are on your own. You make your own calls and...

Why You Should Not Attend Skream 2018

Skream enters its fifth edition, and there’s all the more reason to be excited, or not? Well, if someone was planning to skip the...

5 Simple Ways to be More Productive in 2018

School was fun, and college even better. Everyone loves a carefree, comfortable life. But here is the catch, comfort doesn't bring learning, satisfaction or...

Having A Pet is Better Than Having a Boyfriend: Here’s Why

The saying “we hurt the ones we love the most” is accurate for the most part, except with dogs. Our love for dogs is...

Ninja of The Week: Harish Bhuvan

Our visits to hospitals are always painful. Even when we go to visit someone the experience is not very pleasant. What if there was...

Ninja of the Week: Tanvi Jhaveri

Some people are born fighters and it looks like that sure was the case with Tanvi Jhaveri. Tanvi is the first daughter of Arif...

Should You Wait for the Right Job?

This one quote by Steve Jobs resonates with me ever so often,” Your time is limited, don’t waste it living somebody else’s life. Don’t...

A Secret List of Books that Infuse Hope

When the world says, "give up", hope whispers, "try one more time"! Every person, at some point in life, feels wrecked, worried or suffers an...

How to Handle Frustration like a Pro

Do you feel like an over-heated machine that needs to have the ‘Under Maintenance' sign on? Do you feel like punching a pillow (or someone)...

Ninja of the Week: Dr. Vishal Punjabi

We always have a formal/ friendly relationship with our doctors. We know their work ethics but we hardly know their stories. One such doctor is...
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